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Luxe Listings Sydney season 3 drops today and we're in for an epic real estate showdown

Luxe Listings Sydney season 3 drops today and we're in for an epic real estate showdown

May the best agent win!

We are gearing up for the ultimate showdown between the country’s leading real estate agent Gavin Rubinstein and buyer's agent Simon Cohen as the highly awaited season three of Luxe Listings Sydney drops on Prime Video today (Friday, September 30).

The juicy trailer promised a glitzier season this time round, with even flashier estates, more glamorous cars and even a cameo by national treasure herself, Delta Goodrem, as she searches for a new home with the luxe agents.

In the teaser, Delta enlists the firm’s top agents, Gavin Rubinstein and Simon Cohen, to find something larger than her current two-bedroom apartment, which is worth a casual $4.85 million.

As the two battle it out to see who can find the pop princess the home of her dreams to write her new album, the stakes get raised when Simon promises to throw the winner an additional $10K.

Sorry, Gav, but ‘a nice lunch between friends’ for the top prize doesn’t exactly scream ‘we are the champions'.

While we’re dying to know who ultimately wins this fierce competition, we know that the Luxe agents so far have presented Delta with a beautiful waterfront mansion in northern Sydney’s Newport and two rural properties.

The official description for season three adds: “The property market in Sydney gets even tighter with highly competitive auctions leaving the agents duelling for the most coveted properties.

“Risking their reputations and pulling off unbelievable deals, the four elite real estate specialists showcase Sydney’s most spectacular and elite properties.”

Oooooft, it seems like we’re in for quite a ride.

The latest season will also see the return of powerhouse D’Leanne Lewis and the dazzling Monika Tu, whose high heels could crush any short king in the cutthroat real estate market.

And we're certain these two will ruffle a few feathers while also delivering to their exclusive clientele.

So, grab the popcorn and the Gucci slippers, and get ready for these head-turning million-dollar listings.

If you need to catch up on seasons one and two, you can binge them now on Prime Video ahead of season three which is also streaming now.

Featured Image Credit: Prime Video.

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