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Man constantly stared at in public for looking like Heath Ledger

Man constantly stared at in public for looking like Heath Ledger

Matthew Scar is constantly asked whether he really is Heath Ledger, despite the obvious fact that he isn't

A 30-year-old man claims that people keep staring at him in public because of his resemblance to Heath Ledger.

To be honest, you can sort of see why.

He does look quite a bit like the star of The Dark Knight, which might make people a bit uneasy, given that Ledger died a few years ago.

Matthew Scar claims that ‘obsessive’ fans have inundated him with comments on his TikTok, though he's also had the whole bizarre thing spill over into his real life.

He really does look like Heath Ledger.
Jam Press

Scar, who is a musician and content creator from Italy, says that some people have even refused to believe that he isn’t the Australian movie star and that they think they’ve seen a ‘ghost’.

Still, it’s all good publicity for him as he tries to grow his online status.

Matthew claims that he had a fairly ‘normal’ life until he moved to the Western Australian city of Perth at the age of 20.

Then, people started to notice that he was a bit of a lookalike for Ledger.

Now, he’s amassed 69,000 followers online and has even been asked to play the role of Ledger in a film.

No, it's not a remake of The Dark Knight.
Jam Press

He explained: “I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they were scrolling on social media and had to stop because they thought they saw a ghost,

“I'm not often mistaken for him in public, because we all know he’s no longer with us, but I do get people staring while in the park or any public place.

“They usually ask me for a picture and normally the first thing they say when approaching me is: ‘Sorry, I know you must get this a lot but do you know who you look like?’

“I’ve had comments online such as ‘you look more like Heath Ledger than Heath Ledger’, which was quite funny, and ‘are you telling me you’re not him?’”

He is not.

Matthew's real calling is music.
Jam Press

Even though his true passion is music – heavy metal, to be precise – Matthew finds that people are only focused on his famous face.

That’s alright though, because there’s work in that, too.

Explaining how he landed the gig in movie Fatal Addiction, which is on streaming platforms in December 2022, he said: “I simply got a call from a lookalikes agency, and they asked if I wanted to play as Heath for a movie.

“It was great fun to be on a movie set and I’m really curious to see the final result of Fatal Addiction in December this year.

“I haven’t been involved in any other productions because of how I look and if I’m honest, I’m focused [on my own success].

“But I am glad that thanks to Heath, I’ve had the opportunity to be on a movie set and sometimes it feels like I’ve been able to do stuff thanks to him, even if we’ve never met."

He's even landed a gig playing Ledger in a film.
Jam Press

"I don't know if he can hear me, but I feel like I owe him – basically, I love the guy.

“I loved him as the Joker and in Brokeback Mountain, as well as Candy and his ability to play a different character in each movie is incredible.

“It’s a shame he’s no longer with us and I’m sure if he was, he would’ve given us many more award-winning performances.”

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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