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Man leaves mannequin outside Tesco cashpoint leaving queue of frustrated people waiting

Man leaves mannequin outside Tesco cashpoint leaving queue of frustrated people waiting

The clip has gained a lot of attention online.

A lad left a mannequin outside a Tesco cashpoint - causing a queue of frustrated people to wait aimlessly at the store. Check out the video here:

The ridiculous clip, which has racked up 19.1K likes and over 3,000 retweets after being shared on UB1UB2 Southall’s Twitter page today, hears the man explaining how he ‘set up’ the prank outside a Tesco petrol station.

The dummy, which the lad nicknamed as ‘Derek’, caused a small queue of two people at the branch to wait a fair amount of time to withdraw their cash at the outlet, which appeared to occur at the Tesco Esso Express on Liverpool Rd, Eccles, Greater Manchester.

Whilst the two queue members waited patiently for who they believed to be another customer taking their sweet, sweet time to finish up with the cash machine, the man behind the camera took it upon himself to put a stop to their frustration. 

The lad, who describes himself as a ‘video creator and prankstar’ on his Facebook page ‘Pesky painters’, recorded the video and then hopped out of his car to join in on the prank himself - appearing to hand over the camera to someone else in the car who laughs along with the events that follow.

A lad left a mannequin outside a Tesco cashpoint.
Pesky painters / Facebook

The content creator then jumps into the queue for the cash machine, which obviously was not moving thanks to the static mode, before proceeding to tap ‘Derek’ on the shoulder in an attempt to hurry him along.

The prankster is then shown grabbing the mannequin by both shoulders in the hilarious turn of events before ‘realising’ that he is in fact not real. 

The lad then carries the plastic imposter away towards his car, chuckling alongside the person now filming. 

It is not clear whether the lad took the mannequin away after the video or if the staff at the branch appeared to even notice the ordeal unfolding, but the lad has tonnes of other similar videos on his page tricking others at various petrol stations and stores.

The dummy caused a small queue at the branch to wait to withdraw cash.
Pesky painters / Facebook

LADbible has contacted a representative for Tesco, and the man behind the ‘Pesky painters’ page for comment.

Elsewhere at the well-known food store, a woman's fart has gone viral after she broke wind while auditioning to be the new voice of Tesco checkouts. 

The supermarket giant is welcoming people to audition to become the new voice of Tesco checkouts, with the winner also getting 10,000 Clubcard points.

You can read more on that here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @danielgreen2426

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