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Martin Scorsese fans have invented 'the greatest mafia movie never made'

Martin Scorsese fans have invented 'the greatest mafia movie never made'

Fans of legendary actor Martin Scorsese have created a new film which some are believing is real.

Fans of the legendary film director and actor Martin Scorsese have invented a brand new film that is being described as the 'the greatest mafia movie never made'.

If you are a regular user of Tumblr, you may have come across this poster for a film over the weekend.

The film is known as Goncharov, a 1973 mafia classic, featuring Scorsese and other well known actors.

What many might not have known who are not familiar with the 80-years-old's films, is that Goncharov is completely fake.

Some people think the made-up film is real.

Even film junkies that love mafia films may have questioned it based on how professional and 'real' the film poster actually looks.

The incredible poster was created by Tumblr user Beelzeebub, which has had people talking on the social media platform.

You won't be surprised to hear that Beelzeebub is a full-time artist, who resides in Czech Republic.

The artist is pleased by the success of his creation, but admitted to the website Gizmodo it was 'wonderful, but very overwhelming'.

Martin Scorsese 1973's mafia film Goncharov is not real.
PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

In the days since the artists' post, the film has received a lot of attention, and even a bit of fandom towards it.

Thousands of posts surrounding the fake film have appeared on Tumblr, and discussion surrounding it has even appeared on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

While many believed it to be a real film on Tumblr, many on Twitter were not falling for it - not that making people think the film was real was Beelzeebub's intentions.

Last weekend's huge publicity was not the first time we have heard of the Mafia film Goncharov.

In fact, it was first brought to light by Tumblr user trufflesmushroom, who shared a picture of a boot with advertising of the fake film.

It all started with a shoe...
trufflesmushroom/ Tumblr

And like Beelzeebub's poster for Goncharov, it features details on a director and the plot which features a story about the 'Naples Mafia'.

So if this 1973 film was real, alongside Scorsese, who are the stars of the show?

Well, Robert De Niro stared as Goncharov, 'a former discotheque owner who comes to Naples after the fall of the Soviet Union'.

Meanwhile, Harvey Keitel, Gene Hackman, Al Pacino, and Cybill Shepherd all appeared too - making it a top lineup.

We want this film to be true now...

Featured Image Credit: Tumblr/Beelzeebub Warner Bros

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