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Marvel fans are devastated after seeing Daredevil have sex in the She-Hulk series

Charisa Bossinakis

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Marvel fans are devastated after seeing Daredevil have sex in the She-Hulk series

Warning: Spoilers Head

After seeing the latest racy episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Lawsome Marvel fans are devastated that Daredevil finally had sex.


In the eighth episode of the Disney+ series, one of the most beloved superheroes ever to grace the small screen, Daredevil, is back.


It's something Marvel fans have been begging for ever since his standalone series was taken off Netflix and not renewed by Disney.

Now he's back on the small screen, but this time he’s joined forces with Jennifer Walters, otherwise known as She-Hulk.

In the episode, Walters takes on a new case representing Eugene Patilio (Leap-Frog), who attempts to sue fashion designer Luke Jacobson for providing him with a faulty super suit. 

Credit: Disney+
Credit: Disney+

Jacobson is being represented by Matt Murdock (Daredevil), who manages to prevail in court after proving that Patilio disobeyed Jacobson's instructions while using the suit. 

Afterwards, Patilio contacts Walters asking for help against an unknown assailant. Walters rushes to the scene and battles the assailant, who she discovers to be Murdock.

Murdock reveals to Walters that Patilio kidnapped Jacobson and the two work together to rescue him.

Fast forward a couple of minutes into the episode, and Walters and Murdoch share a passionate kiss as the two venture to the bedroom while ripping each other’s clothes off.


While many were delighted by the steamy office romance, some fans took to Twitter outraged.


One person wrote: “It’s a betrayal to us, the fans, to see our favourite character, someone we all relate to, have sex. It’s unrealistic.”

Another wrote: “I think he was treated well, but they are really ignoring his catholic roots because of the sex scene, just as how they treated poorly Moon Knight’s Jewish roots.”

They added: “And I know he had sex with Elektra in a flashback, but he always treated that past relationship as what it was, an unhealthy relationship.”

A third concerned viewer said: "It took MCU one scene to completely destroy a character's reputation that he both him and the actor earned through the 3 seasons of a series."


However, many rushed to the show’s defence, explaining that despite Murdoch’s catholicism, he’s depicted as somewhat of a womaniser in the comics.

One person wrote: “Unrealistic? He has banged Electra, Black Widow, and Spider Woman in the comics. I'm not a fan of the show but DareDevil does f**k. Just sayin.”

Another said: “‘How am I supposed to relate to a straight white male who can confidently form a dynamic, positive connection with a strong woman leading to consensual sex?’ said the edgelord offended by a twerking scene and character development.”

While another shared: “Comic fans are the worst kind of fans.”

Besides, if the superhero's experiencing a little catholic guilt, he can always pay a trip to confession.

Featured Image Credit: Disney+.

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Charisa Bossinakis
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