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Security expert reveals how ‘tactical umbrellas’ actually work after fans spot ‘worrying’ detail with Miley Cyrus’ bodyguard

Security expert reveals how ‘tactical umbrellas’ actually work after fans spot ‘worrying’ detail with Miley Cyrus’ bodyguard

The singer's security detail sparked speculation online after walking the red carpet at the Grammys

A security expert has revealed how ‘tactical umbrellas’ actually work afters Grammy viewers reckon they spotted Miley Cyrus’ bodyguard carrying one.

In case you missed it, Cyrus’ security detail became a much-talked-about topic last night as some urged people to 'pay close attention' to her bodyguard. Watch here:

While it may not look like anything out of the ordinary, some eagle-eyed fans think the bloke carrying the rather large umbrella is actually an 'assault umbrella', basically a concealed firearm or something that could be used to hide a weapon.

While plenty have commented on the suspicious looking umbrella, bona fide security specialist Will Geddes told LADbible what he thinks was going on at the Grammys.

Confirming that ‘tactical umbrellas’ do indeed exist and are even available to buy online - he explained: “So if they are a licenced protection officer, which I would imagine Miley will have, then there's every good chance that he will be carrying a weapon anyway.

"But having said that, in terms of the umbrella, the umbrella is a really practical tool, you will see it being used by quite a few celebrities. And it's used for two reasons.

Many eyes were on Miley Cyrus at the Grammys, but lots of eyes were drawn to her bodyguard.

"And there are very special tactical umbrellas that you can actually buy. And these umbrellas are very, very rigid. They're not like your regular umbrellas, which just simply sort of fold if you hit someone with them, they're reinforced steel.

"And they can be used for two purposes - they can be used as a weapon, but they can also be used if you have someone who's either trying to jump in on your principal, trying to throw something at your principal, or even a very intrusive paparazzi, you could obviously open that umbrella and use it as a shield.

"And it's quite commonly done. I've used the tactical umbrella a few times. And you know, there's like a solid steel sort of frame.

"So I mean, you could jack someone in the sternum or if you used it as a defence against a knife or something, it will be highly effective.”

People are debating the bodyguard.

He went on to say that someone as famous as Cyrus is likely to have a ‘lot of threats continually’ made towards her from crazed fans and stalkers, so believes that there’s a ‘good chance’ her team would use such a tool.

When asked what he thought about rumours that the arm carrying the brolly was fake - used to hide the fact he’s holding a weapon inside his jacket - Geddes said: “ think ‘fake arms’, ‘guns in umbrellas’, I think that might be pushing it.

"But there are tactical umbrellas.”

Featured Image Credit: LADbible / TikTok/Grammys

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