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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire fans horrified after contestant loses £63,000 by asking audience

Joe Harker

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire fans horrified after contestant loses £63,000 by asking audience

Fans of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire were left horrified after one unlucky contestant ended up losing a whopping £63,000 for following the advice of the audience.

Krish Hook was storming through the show, quickly charging up the list of questions without even needing to use a single lifeline when he hit the £64,000 marker.

When a contestant is doing this well it's time to start thinking about just how much money they can walk away with.

While the show's maxim of 'it's only easy if you know the answer' has proven true time and time again, getting five questions away from becoming a millionaire with all four lifelines intact is an enviable position.


Almost nobody makes it to the end, but when you get into the higher stages of Millionaire there's always that incredible excitement that somebody might make it.

Even more galling for Krish was that he set his safety net at £125,000 which was the next step up, meaning if he'd got the question right he would have walked away with an absolute fortune.


The question that caused him to lose £63,000 was: "In 1854, which meteorologist founded what became the Met Office, having previously been captain of Darwin's HMS Beagle voyage?"

Krish could pick between Robert FitzRoy, Francis Beaufort, Joseph Henry or Gustavo Gaspard Coriolis, but couldn't decide and decided to deploy his Ask the Audience lifeline.

51 percent of the crowd went for Francis Beaufort, not exactly a resounding endorsement but still head and shoulders above the other choices.

Deciding to trust the audience's judgment as he thought they'd 'got some clever faces', it was devastating for Krish when the answer turned out to be wrong, in the end the correct answer was Robert FitzRoy.


All he was able to walk away with was the £1,000 contestants are guaranteed if they get the first five questions right.

It was a crushing moment and plenty of fans took to social media to slate the audience for messing up.

Many said the crowd had just had an 'absolute mare' considering Krish was the second contestant who was knocked out on the show after trusting the audience.

Others said the audience getting the contestants knocked out made the night's episode a 'hard watch', while someone said the audience had 'f***ed up'.


Krish going home after losing £63,000 wasn't the only time in the same show that a contestant using the Ask the Audience lifeline ended up getting let down badly.

Unlucky John McKenna became only the second ever contestant during Jeremy Clarkson's time as show host to walk away with absolutely nothing after getting the wrong answer on the £1,000 question.


The question he struggled with was: "Which of these is a thick omelette made with fried onion and potatoes, popular in Spain?"

Having a choice of answers between tortillas, churros, croquetas and gazpacho, John didn't know what to say and decided to use his first lifeline to Ask the Audience, with 52 percent going for croquetas.

Sounds pretty sensible, since they've got potatoes in them, but it turned out to be the wrong answer.

The right answer was tortillas (tortilla española if you want to be specific, and maybe the show should have been) and Clarkson told the audience they'd 'let down' John by getting it wrong.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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Joe Harker
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