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Miniminter's fiancé Talia Mar admits she gets ’p*ssed’ off by Sidemen Tinder

Miniminter's fiancé Talia Mar admits she gets ’p*ssed’ off by Sidemen Tinder

The 26-year-old influencer said that she felt uncomfortable with the Sidemen's series.

She may be engaged to Miniminter, but Talia Mar has confessed that she gets ‘p**sed off’ when the YouTuber appears in the Sidemen’s videos.

The 26-year-old influencer says she feels ‘uncomfortable’ when her other half is in the Sidemen’s Tinder In Real Life series. However, she did also admit that it was ‘part of the job’ despite her dislike of the long-running skit.

Appearing recently on the Saving Grace podcast, Mar expressed her annoyance at the Sidemen series which pits the group against each other as they try to win the affection of a woman - much like on the app.

Whilst the women must decide whether they will swipe right or left, the online pranksters say a suitably stupid pick-up line to try to outdo each other.

However, not everyone seen the funny side as Mar explained in a short clip which was posted on TikTok yesterday.

“It’s a weird one,” she admitted, as comparing the Tinder in Real Life videos to an acting gig, when was quizzed about the Sidemen’s various videos.

The influencer has put aside her feelings about the successful series.

She explained, saying: “When an actor goes to work and they kiss another girl on camera, it’s one if those things and it’s a bit uncomfortable.”

Describing it as not her ‘favourite’ thing in the world, Mar said that she wouldn’t necessarily encourage Miniminter - real name Simon Minter - to ‘do more of that’ but she understand why he takes part.

“It is part of the job,” she admitted, telling host Grace Keeling: “Obviously, they do pick that part of the job but when something does well, it does well. I do get it”.

Whilst Mar has had to put aside her feelings, the Sidemen’s series has gone from strength to strength with the latest Tinder In Real Life has gaining over 43 million viewers.

However, you shouldn’t feel too bad for Mar.

The couple announced their engagement last year, with a Q&A video about the moment being watched by over 1 million people on YouTube.

Talia and Miniminter became engaged last summer.

During the video Mar said she thought there was no way the YouTuber would get down on one knee as he had ‘no nerves’.

Whilst Miniminter might not have outwardly been nervous, he did admit that he had to seek out help from Mar’s sister to choose the ring.

“Talia’s sister also runs a jewellery business,” he told fans, adding he had initially not like the yellow diamond band: “She knew what the ring was, I went no it’s yellow.”

Well, we guess you can’t please everyone!

Featured Image Credit: @taliamar/Instagram

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