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Who is MJ Rodriguez? Partner, Age and Key Facts

Who is MJ Rodriguez? Partner, Age and Key Facts

Fresh off her recent Golden Globe win, audiences of the award show are desperate to find out more about the Pose star.

Fresh off her recent Golden Globe win as the first transgender woman to win the award for Best Actress in Pose, audiences of the award show are desperate to find out more about the talented star. 

Who is MJ Rodriguez and why is she famous?

If you’ve spent any time on Netflix in the last few years, then you’ve probably come across some of MJ Rodriguez’s acting endeavors. 

Best known for her role as Blanca in Pose and for appearing in Tick, Tick… Boom! alongside Andrew Garfield, Michaela Antonia Jaé Rodriguez is an established American actress and singer. 

Last year, Rodriguez made history when she became the first transgender actress to be nominated for a lead role Emmy. 

MJ Rodriguez’s Key Facts:

  • Real Name: Michaela Antonia Jaé Rodriguez
  • Age: 31
  • DoB: 7th January 1991
  • Nationality: American, African-American and Puerto-Rican
  • Net Worth: $800,000 (£590,000)
  • TikTok Followers: 153.7K
  • Instagram Followers: 1.3M
  • Twitter Followers: 179.5K
  • YouTube Subscribers: 32.3K

MJ Rodriguez’s Net Worth: How much does MJ Rodriguez earn?

MJ Rodriguez has an estimated net worth of $800,000 (£590,000) in 2022. 

Although she has acted in many high-profile movies and TV shows like Tick, Tick…Boom! and Pose, Rodriguez is still at the start of what is bound to be a lucrative career for the performer.

Rodriguez has covered the likes of LATINA, The Advocate and Elle Brasil magazines, and has collaborated with brands on her social media pages like Khloe Kardashian’s Good American, Valentino and Tommy Hilfiger.

How old is MJ Rodriguez?

MJ Rodriguez was born on 7th January 1991 in Newark, New Jersey, making her 31-years-old in 2022.

Rodriguez attended many performing arts schools in her childhood and teen years before she was cast as Angel Dumott Schunard in a theatre production of Rent. 

Following her performance in the musical, she took a break from acting to undergo her transition. 

Who Is MJ Rodriguez's partner?

Two years ago, MJ Rodriguez posted about her boyfriend Stephen for the first time in an adorable Valentine’s Day message on Instagram. 

She wrote: “They’ll try to hold you back, they will say your wrong, but they will NEVER UNDERSTAND, the journey that your on. Baby I wouldn’t choose it any other way. I love you.”

She continued: “I feel like I can be my truest self when I am around you. You have shown me what love truly looks like when it’s balanced and easy. I’m so proud to call you my Valentine but most importantly my boyfriend.

“You are always rooting me on, you always make sure my physical, my spiritual and my mental state is okay. I’m so appreciative of you. #happyvalentinesday I LOVE YOU Stephen ??❤️”

Although Rodriguez doesn’t post much about her love life, last Valentine’s Day, the actress posted a throwback photo with her beloved boyfriend to celebrate the romantic holiday.

This year, we’ll be expecting another gushy Instagram post dedicated to Stephen. Watch this space.

Three Interesting Facts About MJ Rodriguez:

MJ Rodriguez’s humble beginnings and rise to fame as an actress has led to some interesting tidbits about the performer. From auditioning for a huge musical, to being open about suffering from a surprisingly common skin condition, MJ Rodriguez is much more than just an actress. 

1) MJ Rodriguez auditioned for Hamilton

Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton is one of the most iconic musicals to grace the stage and screen, and it was a long-term dream for Rodriguez to be a part of the cast. 

The actress auditioned for the role of Peggy, but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Rodriguez told Cosmopolitan about her unsuccessful audition: “I kinda broke down a bit, because that was something I really, really wanted.”

2) MJ Rodriguez has psoriasis 

It may come as a surprise that an actress like MJ Rodriguez who spends ample time in front of the camera and under the stage lights suffers with skin problems. But the star has been open about her skincare struggles and told Allure magazine in a recent interview that she has psoriasis. 

3) MJ Rodriguez swears by meditation

MJ Rodriguez sees the importance in a good self-care routine, and swears by meditation to centre her thoughts and retain a feeling of calm during her hectic lifestyle. 

The Pose star told the same magazine that she tries to “zen out as much as I can”, especially before she steps out onto the stage. It's the most important thing for me. I need to meditate to centre myself."

Featured Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

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