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Mrs Brown’s Boys viewers upset as they claim show ‘ruined’ Christmas

Mrs Brown’s Boys viewers upset as they claim show ‘ruined’ Christmas

Even people who like Mrs Brown's Boys thought the latest Christmas special was a bit much

When it comes to controversial viewing at Christmas there are few things that can split a household like Mrs Brown's Boys.

The Christmas specials of the sitcom pull in millions of viewers every year but there's not much on the schedule which can attract the same levels of vitriol as Brendan O'Carroll's show.

Ask people which show they wish had never made it onto the telly and there's a good chance they'll start complaining about Mrs Brown's Boys.

Despite the apparent dislike for the show, each Christmas plenty of people settle down on their sofas when it's on, and they surely can't all be hate-watching, while it keeps getting commissioned for more episodes.

Earlier this year people were complaining that the show's New Year's Day special had 'ruined 2022' and whenever it's on there's a torrent of people saying they don't like it, so moaning about how awful the sitcom can be is nothing new.

Even people who were normally fans of the show didn't like it.

However, this Christmas even some fans were unhappy with what they got, taking to social media to vent their frustrations at the show.

Of course there were the usual complaints with people wondering whether we could 'just get rid' of the show and joking they've 'never changed the channel so fast in my life' as when Mrs Brown's Boys was about to come on.

Plenty piled on to say they'd 'had paper cuts that were funnier' and were 'begging the BBC to stop', while others stuck having it on at Christmas said it was time to 'bring on the pain'.

Someone else said Mrs Brown's Boys had 'ruined Christmas yet again', so it's safe to say they probably weren't a fan of the latest special.

Some viewers of the show thought it had got worse this Christmas.

The show, which kicked off back in 2011, ran for three series but comes back every year for some special episodes, and there'll be four more episodes coming in 2023.

Even someone who said they 'usually love it' said it was 'by far the worst episode of Mrs Brown's Boys I've ever seen', wondering 'what was the point of anything that happened in it.

Another said they 'used to love Mrs Brown's Boys but then it got worse over the years', describing the show's decline in quality as 'really upsetting'.

Then again at least a few people enjoyed this year's offering as someone took to social media to say their mum was watching it and 'has laughed multiple times already', though their GIF of a disappointed-looking fish accompanying the post suggested not everyone in their house was having a good time.

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