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'All I Want For Christmas Is You' has re-entered the charts as countdown to Christmas begins

'All I Want For Christmas Is You' has re-entered the charts as countdown to Christmas begins

It's only the start of November and the festive season has already started.

Halloween is over and you know what that means...? Yes, Christmas is now right around the corner.

And with the festive season brings one indisputable reality: you're going to start hearing a lot more Mariah Carey.

Her legendary song 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' has already broken into the charts even though we're still a few weeks away from the big day.

According to the Top 200 US iTunes charts, the track is currently at number 183.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that it will slowly climb through the ranks until it cracks the top 10.

Some might get annoyed, upset, or devastated at having to listen to it on repeat at your home, office or shopping centre.

But just know that it brings joy to many around the world.

And also brings a lot of money to Mariah's bank account.

It was revealed last year that the singer has earned a jaw-dropping $75 million as a result of the track.

A study from The Economist explained how Carey earns about $2.5 million per year from 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'.

The study showed that by 2016 the artist had earned $60 million from the 1994 song.

If the song is just as successful year on year, then she will have been laughing all the way to the bank.

While it hits the charts every trip around the sun, it was only in 2020 that the song went to number one in the UK.

At the time, she said: "Happy Christmas UK!! We finally made it!!! We are keeping the Christmas spirit alive together despite how dismal the year's been. Love you always! Joy to the world!"

Terence Patrick/CBS via Getty Images

Funnily enough, the song already cracked the charts in one specific part of the planet this year and it's due to an odd phenomenon.

Talk of the Charts noted how the song entered the top 100 in the Philippines back in September.

The song reportedly had more than 300,000 streams at the start of that month, which is a 75 per cent increase from last year.

Mariah Carey said: "Not yet!!!! I’ll allow it for my Filipino lambs though! I don’t make the rules!"

While you might not start getting in the festive mood until December at the earliest, it's worth noting that things are a little different in the Philippines.

The holiday season starts in September and Christmas music can even be played in August in anticipation.

According to SBS, there's no real reason why people in the Philippines celebrate Christmas so early compared to the rest of the world.

Christmas is referred to the 'ber' months in the country as every month until the end of the year have that suffix.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Mariah Carey. Danny Feld/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

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