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Brit Awards viewers all make the same accusation after watching performance

Brit Awards viewers all make the same accusation after watching performance

There's been a lot of grumbling about tonight's Brit Awards

Tonight's viewers of the Brit Awards have found something else to turn their ire upon.

After taking to social media to express their displeasure at the 'kiss cam' opening sketch and the apparent lack of gusto from the audience, there's been something else those on the internet have taken aim at.

Plenty hopped online to say they weren't happy with one of the live performances at the awards ceremony.

Canadian singer Tate McRae performed the hit song 'Greedy' live on stage at the Brit Awards, but lots watching along thought she didn't do much of the performance.

Tate McRae performing during the Brit Awards 2024.

She was accused of 'only singing a few words' and 'relying on the backing track to do all the work'.

Others wondered if her microphone had been switched off as there was a lot of dancing but they couldn't hear her singing all that much.

At the end of the day Tate McRae fans love her for her singing, and someone watching at home said that tonight it was 'literally 3% singing 97% dance'.

Others stepped in to defend her by saying she was usually better in her performances and there must be something else going on to throw her off her usually high game.

One of her fans said 'can’t spell tate without ate because she does it everytime', so she did go down well with some viewers.

Nobody seemed to have a bone to pick with the dancing as they just wanted the singer to sing a bit more of the song.

McRae performing 'Greedy' while dancing through some parts and letting the backing track bridge the gap in the vocals is just another brick in the wall of tonight's Brit Awards.

At this point the awards ceremony has had a rather peculiar vibe hanging over it with the cocktail of odd sketches, awkward celebrity moments and an audience acting like they're guests at the wedding of someone they don't really know.

Right now it sounds like everyone's basically just waiting for Kylie Minogue to do her thing and hope that'll bail this event out.

If there's anyone with the presence and star power to turn this whole night around then it's got to be Kylie, but at this point there's been a lot for the Brit Awards audience to grumble about.

We can only hope things get a little bit better, as surely the only way is up from here.

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