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Church had to be re-blessed with holy water after pop star filmed racy music video inside

Church had to be re-blessed with holy water after pop star filmed racy music video inside

Officials were shocked when they saw what was in Sabrina Carpenter's 'Feather' video.

A Catholic church had to be re-blessed with holy water after a pop star filmed a racy music video inside.

Sabrina Carpenter received permission to shoot the video for 'Feather' in Brooklyn's Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church.

However, church officials were shocked once they eventually saw the clip.

The music video sees Carpenter wear a collection of stunning outfits while men vie for her attention.

In one scene, a bunch of blokes end up killing each other while she's just trying to box and sing her lyrics.

In another, a man takes a picture of her without her consent and she murders him with an elevator.

It then cuts to her dancing down the aisle of the church in a very short, black dress; seemingly happy about all the carnage.

There is a collection of brightly-coloured coffins at the altar that she plays around with and she eventually gets into a pink hearse and drives away.

While it might seem like a stock-standard music video, the people in charge of the church weren't happy with the message it sent.

Brooklyn Bishop Father Robert Brennan was horrified when he saw the final cut.

"The parish did not follow diocesan policy regarding the filming on Church property, which includes a review of the scenes and script," he wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

The church initially blamed Carpenter's production company for not disclosing what they were going to do inside the church.

YouTube/Sabrina Carpenter

However, the pop star's team gave a detailed description of what was planned and it included 'inappropriate behavior unsuitable for a church sanctuary'.

Bishop Brennan decided to remove the vicar of the parish, Monsignor Jamie Giantiello, from his position.

He will, however, remain at the church as a pastor.

The two also wanted to re-bless the church with holy water to make it a suitable place for God again.

So, they conducted a Mass of Reparation, which included tossing the special water on the altar where the music video was mainly filmed.

"Through the offering of this Mass, Bishop Brennan has restored the sanctity of this church and repaired the harm," the diocese said.

While the church might not have been happy about the music video, Carpenter's fans definitely were.

A quick read of the comments on YouTube proves they were absolutely raving about the clip.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Sabrina Carpenter

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