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Michael Jackson shared the biggest regret he had about his career in brutally honest interview

Michael Jackson shared the biggest regret he had about his career in brutally honest interview

Michael Jackson had a big regret about his career, and it's something many famous folk seem to have experienced

Michael Jackson once spoke about the biggest regret he had about his career in the music industry.

It's been years since the singer died shortly before he was due to perform his farewell concerts for his This Is It show.

Jackson died on 25 June 2009 just 18 days before he was due to begin his This Is It tour, and he had been rehearsing for it shortly before his death at the age of 50.

While he was one of the biggest music stars of all time with millions of fans it seems as though Jackson could be his own harshest critic, as evidenced by resurfaced interview footage where he spoke about regrets.

Almost a decade after Jackson's death, Good Morning America announced that there would be a documentary about his life called The Last Days of Michael Jackson, which contained previously unseen footage from an interview the singer did in 1995.

Michael Jackson revealed the biggest regret of his career in an interview.
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

During that never before seen conversation with ABC's Diane Sawyer he was very critical of his own performances and shared the biggest regret he'd had about his career.

He said: "I'm just never satisfied with what I do creatively.

"I just regret the limitation of my own imagination. I just feel there's so much more.

"I don't think I've ever done a project where I was totally happy with it."

The self-criticism continued onto a subject most people would have reckoned Jackson was a master at, dancing.

He said he 'wasn't happy' about his first performance of the moonwalk, as he'd planned to spin around five times, land on his toes and hold the position.

Not managing this, Jackson said he was 'angry' that he'd not done it and felt 'really disappointed' afterwards.

Michael Jackson admitted that at first he wasn't happy with his first ever Moonwalk.

Fortunately he revealed that something managed to cheer him up pretty quickly afterwards, getting a call the next day from famous dancer Fred Astaire who told Jackson he was an 'incredible mover'.

This was the review the singer needed to convince him he'd actually done a good job with the moonwalk after all.

In a different interview Jackson was asked whether he ever regretted being famous to which he responded 'sometime, only sometime'.

"Sometimes I wanna sneak into places and not have any hoopla, and it doesn't work all the time 'cause people start and they crowd around," Jackson said as his interviewer told him everyone had the right to be alone from time to time.

The singer responded that it was 'part of the work'.

Featured Image Credit: Good Morning America/Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

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