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Taylor Swift does special thing for fans who were given awful view at Anfield concert

Taylor Swift does special thing for fans who were given awful view at Anfield concert

They're pretty much the cheapest seats in the house

Taylor Swift just played to an audience of thousands at Liverpool's Anfield stadium, including former Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, who popped back to the Kop for a stop to appreciate the musical chops of the superstar of pop.

It's just the latest date on her Eras tour, which Swift says will come to an end in December as she said it was the 'most exhausting, all-encompassing, but most joyful, most rewarding, most wonderful thing that has ever happened in my life'.

Obviously, rather a lot of people wanted to get into Anfield for the concert, but that did mean that some folks maybe didn't get the best possible seats in the stadium.

While there were tickets going for seats all around Anfield and spaces on the pitch itself, the cheapest spots in the house were behind the stage.

A seating plan of the stadium, with the cheapest spots going for £49. (AXS)
A seating plan of the stadium, with the cheapest spots going for £49. (AXS)

There were screens set up to help everyone see what was going on, but if you're forking over decent money to go to a concern, you'd perhaps hope that the seating plan would be a 180 degree arc around the stage.

It was really not a good view and left some people wondering 'what's the point in going', but Swift did remember the fans who were behind her all the way as she got close to the restricted view seats and had a wave to those who turned up.

During her songs she also went over to acknowledge them, heading over to the restricted sections as she sang 'it's me, hi, I'm the problem it's me' from 'Anti-Hero'.

The Swifties were very happy that they were getting some direct acknowledgement and not just being shunted off in a corner with the worst view in Anfield.

Swift also had some words for those who showed up to her concert, saying: "This is my very first time getting to play a show in Liverpool and I'm so excited.

"What you have already done here is crazy because it's been raining all day, you have braved the rain, you came here ready, draped yourself in plastic, you've been standing here, you've been ready for the show...

"I know a lot of you travelled a far distance... those things mean the world to us, going above and beyond and welcoming us to Liverpool, we love you so much."

Swift's appearance at Anfield was her 100th concert of the Eras tour, which she said had 'really become [her] entire life'.

"I think I once had hobbies, but I don’t know what they were anymore, because all I do when I’m not on-stage is sit at home, and try to think of clever acoustic song mashups, and think about what you might want to hear," she told her fans.

“When I’m not on the stage, I’m dreaming about being back on the stage with you guys.”

Swift has two more concerts at Anfield today and tomorrow (14 and 15 June) before heading down to Cardiff for a show on 18 June before heading for London next weekend, after which she's going to be travelling all across Europe.

She'll return again to London in August before heading for Canada and the last stops in Toronto and Vancouver.

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