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Naked Attraction's Anna in super awkward moment as naked contestant goes in for a kiss

Naked Attraction's Anna in super awkward moment as naked contestant goes in for a kiss

As if the show wasn't already awkward enough...

Naked Attraction is certainly in a league of its own when it comes to reality TV.

And this is something the show's host, Anna Richardson, had brought home to her when a nude contestant recently leaned in for a kiss in what made for super awkward viewing:

Richardson, 52, was left red-faced in the most recent episode of the dating show when rejected contestant Danny decided to give her a kiss.

It all went down on Monday (9 January) when TV viewers saw Sophie, 22, attempt to find her ideal partner through naked attraction alone.

As she whittled down her prospective suitors based on her attraction to their bodies, she decided that Danny, who was behind the yellow screen, wasn't a good match.

And if you've seen the show before, you'll know that when a contestant is rejected, they have to then exit their pod and head over to the person doing the picking, as well as the host, to say their goodbyes, still naked.

"Danny, I'm so sorry," Anna said, "on this occasion, it's not a date for you."

Danny then took the opportunity to say it was nice to meet the pair, and surprised Richardson by leaning in for a kiss.

Presumably, in a bid to make the situation less awkward, she invited him back in for a peck on the lips before joking: 'Is it a date for me?'

Anna Richardson was left seriously red-faced after the incident.
Channel 4 / Naked Attraction

While naked dating definitely isn't for everyone, one former contestant said after appearing on the show that everyone should give it a whirl.

Tracy Kiss, who was on the show in 2016, said: "It's like dating in reverse.

Speaking to JOE, she said: "You see someone for uncensored who they are and you can't hide behind anything. I think it's a more human way of dating and I think everyone should do it."

She said it helped her realise what she is physically attracted to in a way that she hadn't previously considered.

"You would never in normal life get to compare five guys in a line and think 'which is the best'? I think having that variation really makes you realise what you are attracted to," she admitted.

However, at the end of the episode, Sophie ultimately went for a man who was her self-confessed 'usual type', Bjorn.

While they appeared to have a good date, by the end of the episode, Sophie had put Bjorn in the friend zone, despite him getting his kit off on national television in a bid to impress.

Oh well, as the old saying goes, there's still plenty of fish in the sea.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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