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Naked Attraction Contestant Refuses To Have Sex With Any Man Who Has Penis Smaller Than iPhone

Naked Attraction Contestant Refuses To Have Sex With Any Man Who Has Penis Smaller Than iPhone

Naked attraction contestant Nicola shares that she wouldn't have sex with someone with a penis shorter than an iPhone.

A contestant on Naked Attraction had an oddly specific size preference for choosing a man to sleep with. Watch below:

Re-appearing on a best-bits special for the x-rated Channel 4 show, singleton Nicola's comments caught the attention of fans.

The episode aired on Wednesday (13 April), with fans being re-introduced to Nicola, who was looking for her third husband.

The show, which reveals contestants bodies from their feed up was impressed by what she saw, noting on the show that the person in the "Green [box was] definitely tickling my fancy."

"Oh my goodness, that would make your eyes water".

Host of the show Anna Richardson then asked Nicola what was the largest penis she'd ever experienced, to which she responded: "A good solid nine inches and girthy."

With her bar set pretty high, Nicola's next comment made sense.

"I don’t tend to do anything smaller than an iPhone otherwise it’s a friend zone situation," the contestant added, not specifying which model of iPhone she meant.

Nicola, from Naked Attraction Best Bits.
Channel 4

The host proceeded to question the contestant, asking her if she was a good lover.

To which she replied: "I used to think so but my ex used to say I had all the sexual allure of a McDonald’s drive-thru you just leave strangely unsatisfied."

Still, Nicola backs herself and honestly it's great to see.

The contest adding that she was the 'number one MILF in the 45-50 category,' as per Metro.

Nicola's revelation wasn't the only one to come from the best bits special of the show.

A just as surprising, if slightly more wholesome, story came up during a recent interview.

Airing of 22 March, the earlier episode of best bits recounted the story of Gemma, a contestant on the show who ended up meeting and dating her 'soulmate' James, who she met on the show.

After going on a few dates and a holiday after the show, the pair are said to be as happy as ever.

Gemma told viewers: "I've found my match, I really have - well, I've met my match.

"When I applied I didn't expect to find someone that I would want to marry and settle down with. He's my soulmate."

The pair have also taken to Instagram to share the happiness they found on the show, sharing a picture of an unbelievably cute puppy that they adopted together.

So, it seems that the show caters for pretty much every contestant, whether they're looking for something longer than an iPhone or a long term commitment.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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