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Viewers of National Comedy Awards have noticed the crowd all look 'so miserable'

Viewers of National Comedy Awards have noticed the crowd all look 'so miserable'

Viewers noticed the miserable faces in spite of all the jokes being thrown around

You'd expect the National Comedy Awards to be one of the more cheerful awards shows going, but viewers have been left questioning why there's a lot of 'miserable' looking faces in the crowd.

Joe Lycett, Katherine Ryan, Chris Ramsay and Alex Horne are among the comedians in attendance at the Channel 4 event tonight (17 February), as acts from across the UK gather in the hopes of being recognised for their hilarity.

Ryan is among those honoured at the event.
Channel 4

There have already been a number of winners awarded and even more jokes cracked, but in spite of all the humour being thrown about not all of the audience members look like they're having fun.

Maybe they were expecting more booze?

Whatever the reason, viewers have taken to social media to point out the glum faces, with one viewer commenting: "Why does everyone looks so miserable at The National Comedy Awards?"

Another questioned: "Why is everyone so serious and grumpy at the Comedy Awards," while a third wrote: "The number of celebs who look really p****d off and bored. They can't even feign interest in anyone else."

Viewers took to Twitter to highlight the audience members.

There have been a few jokes that have gone down well with the crowd, including Rosie Ramsay's efforts to get her husband to 'shut up' after they won the title for Best Comedy Podcast, though the fact that was among the jokes to get a laugh might be an indication of how keen people are for the events to move on.

Tonight's awards are being hosted by comedian Tom Allen, who's made very clear that he himself has not been nominated for an award, and are being run in honour of Stand Up To Cancer.

Categories at the awards include Best Scripted Comedy, Best Comedy Entertainment Show, Best Comedy Podcast, Outstanding Comedy Actress and Best Comedy Actor, with After Life, Taskmaster and Derry Girls among the shows nominated this year.

One comedian who does seem to be enjoying himself is Joe Lycett, with one viewer suggesting he might be the only one having a good time as they wrote: "For it being the #NationalComedyAwards nobody looks happy! Apart from #JoeLycett who is just gorgeous."

Fans have said Lycett is the only attendee having fun.

The reason for Lycett's joy throughout the night may in part be down to the fact he already knew he'd be winning an award, having been honoured with the Comedy Game Changer Award.

The title recognises Lycett's work to inspire social change through comedy and stems from a number of moves Lycett has made in recent months, including launching a campaign against white plastic, confronting the energy company Shell on greenwashing, highlighting inequalities faced by the LGTBQ+ community and challenging David Beckham to relinquish his role as an ambassador for FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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