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Netflix releases Kaleidoscope episode order to make it into a Tarantino movie

Netflix releases Kaleidoscope episode order to make it into a Tarantino movie

The new series can be watched in any order.

Netflix has revealed the order in which you should watch new series Kaleidoscope to 'make it into a Tarantino movie'.

The Netflix series, starring Giancarlo Esposito, can be watched in any order, and gives a totally different viewpoint depending on which episode you watch when.

The show has eight episodes, with each named after a colour. You can watch the trailer below:

The anthology series focuses on the planning and execution of a heist and spans across 25 years.

It follows a team of thieves - led by master thief Leo Pap - who try to break into a vault by outsmarting the most powerful corporate security team in the world and the FBI.

The cast also includes Tati Gabrielle, Jai Courtney, Rosaline Elbay, Paz Vega, and Jordan Mendoza.

While you can watch the show in pretty much any order, Netflix has released a number of different episode orders, one of which 'makes it into a Tarantino movie'.

Kaleidoscope landed on the streaming platform in January.

To do this, you'll need to kick off with Blue, followed by Green, Yellow and then Orange. You'll then move on to Violet, Pink, White and Red.

You can also watch it 'as Orange is the New Black' by following the order of: Green, Violet, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, White and then Pink.

And if you fancy a 'classic detective story', the streaming platform suggested watching Orange first, followed by; Green, Violet, Red, Yellow, Blue, White and finally Pink.

Netflix has said the logic behind the episode order swapping is to provide the viewer with a 'different immersive viewing experience', which pulls them 'deeper into their own personal viewing order'.

Esposito also spoke about the decision to make a show which can be watched in pretty much any order you wanted.

He said: "We as human beings have a tendency to assume. Our brains are always looking to be one step ahead.

"Because of that we start to think we know what someone's thinking or where they're going. This show breaks that convention, and will help us come back to the resent and wait for the answer."

But if you're still unsure which order to watch it in, the Breaking Bad star has suggested people watch it ‘in the colour scheme that appeals to you'.

“Certainly, if it pops up on Netflix in a suggested order, I would say jumble that order and just go for one," he told Collider.

“Because no matter which order you watch this particular show in, you're going to watch it again in a different order because you're going to be intrigued enough to want to see how all these puzzle pieces fit with each other, and how the connective tissue of all these characters gives you a different way in each time you watch it.”

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