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Netflix Viewers Stunned By Reaction To Savage Shut Down In New Dating Ultimatum Series

Netflix Viewers Stunned By Reaction To Savage Shut Down In New Dating Ultimatum Series

The Ultimatum sees couples face the question of whether they marry or move on

Netflix users were left shocked and frustrated by one dating show participant for the way she reacted to a blunt shut-down by a potential partner.

Dating shows are typically packed to the brim with drama, secrets and crushes, but Netflix's new series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On leaves no room for doubt, as it forces couples to decide whether they want to tie the knot.

In the show, six couples break up, date other contestants and undergo a trial marriage for three weeks before reuniting with their original partner. The reunited couples live together for three weeks prior to a possible engagement in a bid to air out any issues before deciding whether to, as the title indicates, marry or move on.

One participant, Alexis, presented an ultimatum to her boyfriend Hunter, but admitted on the show he was 'not perfect for husband material yet' because she made more money than him and had 'no desire' to be the 'breadwinner' in the relationship.

During her time apart from Hunter, Alexis told another contestant, Colby, she was 'super attracted' to him – but unfortunately Colby wasted no time in making clear he didn't feel the same.

The 25-year-old had already told Alexis he 'could never see a future' with her, and upon asking for clarification on why that was Colby simply responded: "I'm not attracted to you."

It's a fair and undoubtedly honest answer, but Alexis became frustrated at his explanation and implied he couldn't fail to find her attractive because she looks similar to Colby's original partner.

"I'm not unattractive," she continued, before questioning to the camera: "That's your reasoning why you don't see a future with me? Lies. Lip service. Bullsh*t."

Her response to Colby's answer stunned viewers, many of who argued she had no right to be angry at him telling the truth.

"Why is alexis so pressed that colby isn't attracted to her?? At least he was honest?? Would she rather he stuck with her while not being attracted to her??," one person wrote.

Another commented: "So Alexis called BS when Colby said he wasn’t attracted to her but her WHOLE reason for not wanting to marry Hunter is that he doesn’t make more money than her."

Netflix users will have to tune into the show to see who Alexis ends up with, but given Colby's repeated shut-downs it seems clear that particular pairing is not meant to be.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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