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Fool Me Once star has incredible response after Harlan Coben finally addresses character ‘plot hole’

Fool Me Once star has incredible response after Harlan Coben finally addresses character ‘plot hole’

The character was at the centre of a 'plot hole'

Warning: Spoilers for Fool Me Once ahead

Fool Me Once star Emmet J. Scanlan shared a funny response after author Harlan Coben responded to the ‘plot hole’ about his character Shane.

The gripping Netflix drama has proved to be a big hit with viewers after landing on the platform on New Year’s Day.

The twisty eight-parter centres on Maya Stern (Michelle Keegan) who is trying to come to terms with the murder of her husband, Joe Burkett (Richard Armitage).

After the funeral, Maya installs a nanny cam to keep an eye on her two-year-old daughter Lily (Thea Taylor-Morgan).

However, when inspecting the footage, the mum is shocked to see Joe in the house, playing with Lily.

Scanlan, who played Shane in the show, found himself at the centre of a 'plot hole' due to his character's weird behaviour.

In case you missed it, some viewers were left confused after Shane was seen placing trackers on Maya's car and standing outside her house, looking very suspicious.

Fool Me Once has been a big hit with viewers.

As viewers may remember, by the end of the series, we discover that it was actually Maya who killed Joe after discovering that he had murdered her sister - and was prepared to kill her, too.

So this left some fans questioning why Shane was acting so shifty throughout the series?

One wrote on Reddit: "What was Shane’s character for? I get that he was her friend from the military but was it him that was stalking her at her house and tracking her car etc?

"Was he obsessed with her? In love with her? He was under developed and I was convinced he was dodgy as soon as he came on the screen but he turned out to be a nice guy and a loyal friend to Maya."

Emmet J. Scanlan has shared a witty response after Harlan Coben cleared up the ‘plot hole’.

Taking to X (Twitter) Coben explained: "Spoiler: You’re military police. Your best friend suffers PTSD. She is taking medication, lying to you, lost two close family members to murders, has you test a bullet — and says she’s seeing her dead husband.

"You might want to (track) keep an eye on her and her little girl…"

And Scanlan also got in on the action with a cheeky post, writing: "Spoiler. The guy who plays that guy is starring in a future Coben masterpiece.

"This is so top secret even Harlan doesn’t know about it. So please, keep it to yourself."

All eight episodes of Fool Me Once are available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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