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Ian Wright stars in new trailer for Netflix's dystopian London drama The Kitchen

Ian Wright stars in new trailer for Netflix's dystopian London drama The Kitchen

Ian Wright is taking on a major acting role in Daniel Kaluuya's film The Kitchen

Football legend and all-round lovely bloke Ian Wright will be starring in a new Netflix drama co-written, co-directed and produced by Daniel Kaluuya.

While he recently announced he's packing in Match of the Day at the end of the season, perhaps Wrighty's future lies in acting as he's got a role in The Kitchen which you'll be able to stream in just a couple of days.

Check out Ian Wright in The Kitchen below:

Set in a dystopian London where the gap between rich and poor has been stretched to breaking point (if you can imagine such a thing), The Kitchen follows Izi (Top Boy's Kane Robinson) and 12-year-old Benji (Jedaiah Bannerman).

As social housing is being eliminated, pretty much all that remains is The Kitchen, where the local community leader is Wright's character, a charismatic DJ called Lord Kitchener.

While Izi is planning to leave The Kitchen, he's confronted with tough choices after meeting Benji.

Ian Wright starts as Lord Kitchener in The Kitchen.

While he's been spotted in other trailers for The Kitchen, this new clip gives us a good look at Ian Wright, and more importantly a good listen to his message.

In his role as the charismatic DJ keeping a community together in the face of destruction, Wright's character tells his listeners 'they ordered us to leave and we said no'.

Kitchener then proudly declares 'f**k you, we 'aint' going nowhere, this is our home', before telling his listeners 'the target is us'.

Kaluuya revealed on Instagram that the idea for the film had first come about 'from a conversation in a barbershop' years ago and now it's finally just about ready to be released on Netflix.

The Get Out star has co-directed The Kitchen alongside Kibwe Tavares, co-written it alongside Joe Murtagh and produced it with Daniel Emmerson.

The Kitchen follows the story of Izi and Benji, and weaves in themes of community, class, family and inequality.

Speaking about his acting role today (17 January) on Capital Breakfast with Roman, Chris and Sian, Wrighty said he was 'really nervous' while auditioning to be in The Kitchen and kept checking with Kaluuya that he was doing alright.

The former Arsenal and England footballer admitted he was 'out of my comfort zone' acting in the film.

He said: "I love acting, I love watching films and all of a sudden you’re in a film where you’re having to portray something that is vitally important to what’s going on.

"Being the voice of the community and giving the news and bulletins going on, so it’s a vital role, I had a lot of dialogue.

"You want to make sure that you get that right."

Daniel Kaluuya, Kane Robinson and Ian Wright together at the Closing Night Gala premiere of The Kitchen.
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Fortunately for Ian, Kaluuya thought Wrighty was 'a natural' and 'absolutely killed it' in The Kitchen.

In addition to being an Oscar-winning actor, Kaluuya is also an Arsenal fan and revealed that while he tried to keep his cool around Wright, on the last day of filming the cast and crew lined up to cheer the former footballer's name and ask him to sign their memorabilia.

The Kitchen releases on Netflix in the UK this Friday (19 January) and was released in select cinemas on 12 January.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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