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Leave the World Behind viewers warned to pay close attention to painting in the background

Leave the World Behind viewers warned to pay close attention to painting in the background

Netflix's Leave the World Behind is blowing people's minds

Leave the World Behind viewers are being warned to keep their eyes peeled for the pictures on the wall.

Starring Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke and Kevin Bacon, the apocalyptic thriller follows a family's vacation being interrupted by two strangers who are 'seeking refuge from a cyberattack'.

Circumstances start to become more terrifying by the minute, which forces everyone to 'come to terms with their places in a collapsing world'.

Leave the World Behind is based upon the book of the same name by Rumaan Alam and centres on couple Amanda (played by Julia Roberts) and Clay (played by Ethan Hawke).

Now, throughout the film we witness the inside of Amanda and Clay's rental home, where two large prints are displayed on the walls.

The painting starts out more solid at the start of the movie.

In the living room, the painting features patches of black on a white background.

And in the bedroom, we see a painting of an ocean below a grey sky.

Although the paintings are pretty hard to miss, it seems that some viewers have indeed missed a key ever-changing detail.

As TikToker April Werle points out: "There's a moment I want to share with you because I realised that the painting in the living room changed towards the end of the movie."

So, with there being a cyberattack and all, the course of events changes throughout the film - and so do the paintings on the wall.

The painting in the living room gets messier, as the bedroom one also changes as the horizon moves further and further up.

Fans of the Netflix movie were shocked after noticing, with one person writing: "One thing I did notice in Leave The World Behind, the painting in the living room kept changing.. I need answers."

"I didn't even notice that! And I definitely noticed the first picture," another added.

"Same room? Wow, never noticed," someone else said.

The painting appears to be glitching later in the film.

Racquel Chevremont, an art curator who worked on Leave the World Behind, has since lifted the lid on the painting-scandal.

She said: "We didn't want something that was going to be obvious.

"We needed something that could evoke an emotional response without people really understanding why the scene seems a little different."

Well, it seems the film has had mixed reviews so far.

On Rotten Tomatoes, it's been given a Tomatometer score of 75 percent, which drops significantly to just 34 percent when you look at the audience score.

Taking to X, many viewers had the same criticism: the movie is simply too long.

Leave the World Behind clocks in at just under two-and-a-half hours (141 minutes), which is just too long for some.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @aprilwerle

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