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Netflix viewers spot clever reason subtitles don’t show in Leave the World Behind scene

Netflix viewers spot clever reason subtitles don’t show in Leave the World Behind scene

¿Por qué no hay subtítulos?

Warning: Spoilers ahead

So, we've got another theory to share with you about Leave the World Behind.

The pre-Apocalyptic flick landed on Netflix this month and has seriously divided audiences.

Check out the trailer if you've not seen it:

The film centres on married couple, Amanda (Julia Roberts) and Clary (Ethan Hawke), and their two kids, Rosie (Farrah Mackenzie) and Archie (Charlie Evans).

After packing up their things and heading out of New York City for a bit of a break, things start going very weird, very fast.

A huge ship crashes into the beach, hundreds of deer start creeping around their rental, and then a pair of mysterious visitors turn up at their door in the middle of the night.

It turns out that the father and daughter (played by Mahershala Ali and Myha'la Herrold) own the house the family are staying at and head there after things start going south in the city.

Leave the World Behind has seriously divided people.

Desperate to find out what's going on after the internet and TV go out, Clay heads into town.

But with no satnav to guide him around the unfamiliar landscape, he gets very lost - a feeling we can all relate to, I'm sure.

That is until he comes across a panicked woman calling for help on the side of the road.

After pulling up, Clay rolls down his window and tries to find out what's going on but it quickly becomes apparent that there's a clear language barrier.

As the conversation goes on and the pair shout over each other in Spanish and English, the tensions rises, with Clay eventually giving up and driving off.

What does she say?

Now, while the savvy among you might have tried turning on the subtitles during this scene, you'll have quickly realised that they don't show what the woman is saying.

But why? Well, one viewer thinks they may know the answer.

Taking to TikTok, they explained: "In the scene where the lady is speaking Spanish to Clay, they purposely didn't put subtitles to symbolise that we'd be lost without technology."

I mean, if you've seen the film, it makes a lot of sense, think about how much you rely on your mobile for pretty much everything, direction, translation, food, etc. They rule our lives.

An interesting side note, though, is that if you watch the movie in Spanish, with Spanish subtitles, you get the whole conversation spelled out for you.

So it's a pretty pointed critique of Clay (English speakers).

Clay is lost without technology.

'Yeah, that's all fine, thanks, but what does she actually say?'

As you can imagine, the woman is not having a great time of it, at all.

"Thank God I found someone," she screams, according to one translation.

"I’m trying to get back to my home! I’m lost! I’ve been walking for a while! I need to use your phone! You’re the first person I’ve seen all day! We have to get out of here!

"I just saw a plane that was spraying red gas in the vicinity. I saw some deer, more than 50. They were coming out of the woods. Please! I need to go home, sir. A military plane appeared and fled. There’s no one around! Is it a chemical attack?”

I mean, she wasn't wrong.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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