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American Nightmare viewers have noticed unexplained details about 'real life' Gone Girl case

American Nightmare viewers have noticed unexplained details about 'real life' Gone Girl case

Viewers still have a lot of questions about the case following the Netflix docuseries

American Nightmare has already left its mark on Netflix viewers, having only been released last week.

However, viewers have noticed a few peculiar details that have been left unexplained by the docuseries.

The true crime saga comes from the makers of The Tinder Swindler, and its three parts focus on the kidnapping of Denise Huskins in Vallejo, California, in 2015.

When Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn raised the kidnapping to police, it was dismissed and dubbed the 'Gone Girl hoax' by press at the time, due to its similarities to the 2012 thriller novel.

American Nightmare's Netflix synopsis reads: "A couple is accused of staging the ordeal when the woman reappears in this true-crime docuseries."

It includes interview with those involved in the case, as well as archive footage of certain incidents, with themes drawing similarities to Victim/Suspect.

Viewers of the series have pointed out some unexplained details.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead for American Nightmare*

However, fans of the series have noticed some unexplained details in the case which has subsequently generated a lot of questions.

In the docuseries, Quinn claims that the perpetrators gave him instructions, which he followed, with one instruction including a ransom fee, which he paid.

After waiting a while and not receiving a response, he risked it and called the police anyway.

But when the camera is found by police, not much explanation is offered in addition to this.

A user on Reddit shared their thoughts on this detail, writing: "They never discuss the details of the camera. Was it Aaron’s camera that he already had hanging there? Did the kidnapper hang it up? Did they try and pull the footage?"

American Nightmare is available to stream on Netflix now.

Some thought the camera might have been a dummy, with another user saying: "Although looking at the kidnapper’s props it wouldn’t surprise me if it was just a dummy camera that he used to scare Aaron."

Viewers also focused on the fact that the victims kept saying there were three perpetrators, with one noting: "I find it hard to believe they didn’t find any evidence on his phone. If she didn’t hear people speaking I wouldn’t believe there was more than one person."

Huskins was also dropped off by the kidnappers in Huffington beach with a duffle bag to which one Reddit user questioned: "Did the kidnapper give her that bag to take with her when he dropped her off?"

A different user asked all of the above, rounding it off with: "I need a Part 4, 5, and 6 of this documentary please.”

A fair point made, whether or not you're sceptical of these details, I think we all want another three parts of American Nightmare.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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