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Netflix viewers baffled by 'absurd' new series that sees a girl turned into chicken nugget

Netflix viewers baffled by 'absurd' new series that sees a girl turned into chicken nugget

What now?

Netflix churns out an unreal amount of content; from grizzly true crime docs to blockbuster action flicks, they've got the lot.

But one of it's latest releases could be the weirdest yet. And I mean seriously f**king bonkers.

I give you the trailer for Chicken Nugget:

Starring some of South Korea's biggest stars, including Ahn Jae-Hong, Ryu Seung-Ryong, and Kim Yoo-Jung, the show started out life on the Naver platform, with a number of web episodes.

And after proving to be a massive success, the culinary comedy was snapped up and wolfed down by the streaming giant.

But what's it all about? Well, basically, it's centres on a woman, called Choi Min-ah (Youu-Jung), who gets turned into... yep, you guessed it, a chicken nugget.

Choi Seon-man, played by Seung-ryong, is an amateur inventor who creates a new kind of storage machine.

However, far beyond its original intention, it somehow ends up going very, very wrong indeed and instead transforms his daughter, Min-ah, into a chicken nugg.

It's a girl!

Faced with the possibility of losing his child to a life as a chunk of deep fried poultry, Choi and his pal, Go Baek-joong, played by Jae-hong, set about trying to reverse the catastrophic turn of events.

Oh, and it turns out that Go just so happens to have a crush on Min-ah, so there's the added romantic dilemma for those of you who are interested in such things.

The official synopsis reads: "A woman steps into an odd machine and becomes… a chicken nugget?! Now, it’s up to her father and admirer to embark on a zany quest to bring her back."

The bizarre series is set to land on Netflix next month, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare yourself for what lies in store before tucking in.

The series has left people utterly baffled.

But it's safe to say that those who've seen the trailer so far, are very confused by it all.

Taking to Twitter, one baffled viewer said: "She is literally the chicken nugget here. This series is so weird. I can't with Netflix."

Another joked: "Netflix needs to be stopped."

"Was Wes Anderson involved in this? It looks insane. I’m in," declared a third.

Someone else added: "What a horrible idea and it looks bad … we’ll watch it."

While yet another excited/confused user commented: "Omg this is so funny imagine your daughter is a nugget and got mix in a box of nuggets so you didn't know which one is your daughter. Must watch!"

I mean, imagine actually pitching this as a series?

Chicken Nugget will be available to stream from 15 March.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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