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Man says he knows the way to get free chicken McNuggets and people are lovin’ it

Man says he knows the way to get free chicken McNuggets and people are lovin’ it

A TikToker has gone viral for uploading a McDonald's hack that means you get more Chicken McNuggets for less money.

As Brits, we all love a good deal, with a McDonald's one surely high up on the list.

Well, this method isn't exactly a deal, but more a hack. Either way, you end up getting more food for your buck.

So, when you stumble into a Maccies after a night out, or treating yourself and the family to a meal from the fast-food giant, you'll know what to do.

The hack comes from TikToker Ashley Osbourne, who goes by the name of @ozzy_on_a_mission on the popular video platform.

In a video that has been viewed five million times, Osbourne shows a way to get two free chicken McNuggets. Watch it below:

In the McDonald's that Osbourne is ordering at, he points out that the large six chicken McNuggets meal costs £6.09.

This includes obviously the six nuggets, large fries and a large drink.

But Osbourne says that if you end up buying two four-piece chicken McNuggets Happy Meal's, then you will end up with more food for less money.

With this, you get two drinks, two bags of fries and eight nuggets for £5.98 - and of course, don't forget the two toys.

Thousands of people have taken to the comment section of the TikTok to discuss the McDonald's hack.

The TikToker ditched the large meal for a Happy Meal.
@ozzy_on_a_mission/ TikTok

One person said: "I always do this! One nug Happy Meal and one cheeseburger Happy Meal, best of both worlds."

A second added: "I always do this. I get one cheeseburger happy meal and a nugget one. Perfect."

And a third joked: "Martin Lewis is shaking in his boots I bet."

However, there were some people who highlighted that McDonald's prices do vary on region, and that Osbourne's hack may not be so useful for some people.

Some Maccies lovers have said they are now going to do the hack.
@ozzy_on_a_mission/ TikTok

One commenter said: "Sorry to disappoint you all but a chicken nugget happy meal is £3.49."

Meanwhile, others pointed out that with the Happy Meal's you are getting smaller portions.

"It’s 2 fries, but it’s 2 small fries, which equals a medium fries, not large fries," one person suggested.

Another added: "But the drinks and fries are half the size of a medium, so technically you’re only getting 2 extra nuggets and less drink and fries. Not a hack."

Osbourne's TikTok channel is full of hacks, including another McDonald's one where you can get more Chicken Selects.

The hack expert has also uploaded tips for bang for one's buck with Easy Jet and Wetherspoons.

Featured Image Credit: ozzy_on_a_mission/TikTok/simon evans/Alamy Stock Photo

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