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Netflix movie that features real life unsimulated sex scene was originally banned for being too extreme

Netflix movie that features real life unsimulated sex scene was originally banned for being too extreme

The film was so controversial, it took 2 years to premiere in its own country

Yeah, everyone likes a good laugh now and again, and some even like being scared sh**less.

But for many, many people, films with a bit of sex going on are a must. Whether it’s a sweet romantic story or more 50 Shades of Grey style, there’s no denying sex sells.

And let’s be real, no matter the genre, most movies feature some sort of sexiness going on. However, it’s rare that the actors have actually performed unsimulated sex for the camera.

Yet it does happen, sometimes for a director’s choice or simply due to the stars’ own decision. Although, one movie on Netflix featuring a real-life unsimulated sex scene was originally banned for being too extreme.

The erotic film is available on Netflix. (Netflix)
The erotic film is available on Netflix. (Netflix)

Initially released in 2010, the Indian erotic black-and-white film was met with plenty of controversy.

Gandu follows a nihilistic rapper who steals from his mum’s lover before embarking ‘on a drug-fuelled rampage with a rickshaw rapper’.

Described as an ‘abstract film’, audiences reportedly left screenings during the sex scenes and it didn’t end up having its first public screening in India until 2012 because it was blocked.

Directed by Qaushiq Mukherjee and in Bengali, the film features graphic sex scenes between Gandu’s mum and her ‘lover’ Dasbabu. These are full-frontal sex scenes that feature nudity and at one point, lead actor Anubrata Basu is shown with his penis fully erect.

And despite getting blocked in India for some time, the film picked up the Jury Award for Best Film at the South Asian International Film Festival.

Plus, it’s available to watch in the UK on Netflix with an age rating of 18.

It's an independent 'artsy' film. (Netflix)
It's an independent 'artsy' film. (Netflix)

Gandu got some pretty good reviews from critics and has a decent 68 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Many viewers warned it is ‘not for everyone’ as one said: “The masturbation scene and the oral sex scene are shot quite artistically and fit with the tone of the movie; there's nothing pornographic about them.”

Others call it ‘out of the box’ and say it took them ‘by total surprise’.

Another wrote: “Indian independent cinema at its best... its pulls you into the completely head-f**ked world of the Gandu.” And one joked back in 2011: “Imaginative, entertaining, shocking - probably not coming to a screen near you sadly.”

Other films that feature unsimulated sex include the likes of Antichrist, Enter the Void and Lie with Me.

Gandu is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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