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Netflix viewers can’t wait to binge new Harlan Coben series on New Year’s Day

Netflix viewers can’t wait to binge new Harlan Coben series on New Year’s Day

The new series has got fans excited already

Netflix viewers can’t wait to watch the latest Harlan Coben series that’s set to land in a few weeks.

The show arrives on the streaming platform on 1 January - meaning fans of Coben don’t have too long to wait to give it a watch.

The eight-part series stars the likes of Michelle Keegan, Richard Armitage, Adeel Akhtar and Joanna Lumley.

The story centres on Maya Stern (Keegan) who is devastated following the brutal murder of her husband Joe (Armitage).

Fool Me Once stars Michelle Keegan.

But when she instals a nanny-cam at her home she is shocked to see her husband - so not quite as dead as she was led to believe, then.

While Detective Sergeant Sami Kierce (Akhtar) begins to investigate the ‘murder’ he’s also dealing with his own secrets - and alongside all of this Maya's niece and nephew, Abby and Daniel, are trying to find the truth about their mother's murder, several months earlier.

And, of course with it being by Coben there’s bound to be plenty of twists and turns to keep us all on the edge of our seats.

You can check out a trailer for the show - titled Fool Me Once - here:

Sharing a trailer on X, Coben wrote: “Excited to share the trailer for FOOL ME ONCE, coming to Netflix worldwide on January 1, New Year's Day, so you can binge while nursing that hangover.”

Coben is the brains behind several Netflix series including The Stranger, Stray Close and Safe - all of which have been a big hit with viewers and it seems Fool Me Once will be no exception, with fans already hyped for the new series.

One fan wrote: “Really excited for this one. A great way to start the new year!”

Someone else said: “Can't wait, every Coben Netflix is a must see.”

The new series lands on 1 January.

A third commented: “This is my favourite book of yours. So excited for this adaptation.”

Another wrote: “Obsessed with Harlan’s books and Netflix series! Cannot wait for this.”

Speaking to Netflix about his latest series, Coben said: “I’m thrilled and honoured to once again be collaborating with my uber-talented partners Danny, Nicola and Richard. Fool Me Once will be our fourth Netflix series together, and man, it never gets old!

Fool Me Once is a pulse-pounder - a shocking story of how secrets and deceit have the power to bring people together while simultaneously tearing them apart. I can’t wait to see how this dream cast brings these characters to life.”

Fool Me Once will land on Netflix on 1 January 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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