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Netflix viewers forced to turn off creepy horror movie before finishing due to terrifying scenes

Netflix viewers forced to turn off creepy horror movie before finishing due to terrifying scenes

The mind-bending horror has left people scrambling for the remote to switch it off.

The whole point of watching a horror movie is to scare yourself sh*tless and spend the next few weeks looking over your shoulder through fear that you're the villain's next victim, right?

Screenwriters literally think up the most warped, horrifying things you could ever imagine while putting a film together, ensuring that the feeling of fear translates to the audience and people start throwing their popcorn in the air at every jump scare they've slipped in.

But it seems the masterminds behind one of Netflix's creepiest horror movies did a bit too much of a good job, because viewers are so terrified that they've been forced to switch it off.

Take a look at this:

Scores of people have left the 2020 thriller His House unfinished because of the terrifying scenes which make up the chilling one hour and 33 minute film.

It tells the story of a young couple, Bol and Rial Majur (Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku), who have fled war-torn South Sudan and are seeking asylum in the UK with their young daughter Nyagak.

Their journey alone is treacherous to say the least, but that's not even the half of what happens in this frightening flick.

After arriving in Britain where they are finally granted probational asylum, Bol and Rial are given a dilapidated house to move into on the outskirts of London and they aren't given a warm welcome by their neighbours.

People have had to turn the horror film off as they're that scared.

The couple run into their own issues while trying to integrate themselves into their new lives in the UK, but they really end up down sh*ts creek without a paddle when an unknown evil inside their home makes an appearance.

Expect a mind-bending, bizarre and obviously petrifying watch, which apparently may make you so uncomfortable that your desperately reaching for the TV remote to turn it off.

Diehard horror fans have even confessed His House managed to spook them, so be aware of what your signing up for.

Despite the fact it may give you palpitations, people have said the performances in the Netflix movie are brilliant, hence why it scooped a number of awards at the Sundance Film Festival when it premiered there in 2020.

His House is available to watch on Netflix.

Loki star Mosaku, Gangs of London actor Dirisu and Doctor Who’s Matt Smith all received praise for their roles in the film.

It's only rated as a 15, but His House has certainly left a lasting impression on horror fans.

One social media user said: "Just had to turn His House off because it scared me too much. I'll finish it tomorrow in the daylight. Haven't been that freaked out since The Babadook."

Another said: "Started watching His House...Not sure I can continue to watch."

A third added: "If y'all haven't seen His House on Netflix ummmm DAMNNNN!!! It's going to scare the hell out of you!"

And a fourth added: "Just finished watching the movie His House. If you're looking for a creepy and unique haunted house story, I highly recommend it!"

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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