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Dark Netflix horror has left viewers feeling like they've been cursed

Dark Netflix horror has left viewers feeling like they've been cursed

Watch if you're feeling brave

A Netflix film is leaving viewers so unsettled they feel as though they've been cursed.

Sometimes, horror films can play on your mind for days - and even haunt your dreams, they can be *that* disturbing.

And it seems the same can be said for one twisted horror that landed on Netflix back in 2022.

The film is seriously creepy.

While it was one of the most streamed movies on the platform, it left viewers seriously uneasy.

It kind of gives off the same vibes as The Blair Witch Project - as in, when you're not 100 per cent sure whether the movie is actually real the first time you watch it - especially considering it is told through 'found footage'.

The movie in question? It's called Incantation and you can watch the trailer below:

The movie tells the story of mum Li Ronan who sets off a terrifying curse after disturbing a shrine.

In a bid to protect her young daughter, Li is forced to fight off the evil spirits that are haunting her every move.

The trailer claims the movie is based on 'true events' - so it makes sense that people are completely spooked.

Those who managed to watch the film until the end say they feel like they've been cursed.

One wrote: "Just finished watching Incantation. Am I cursed as well now?"

And another said: "Just watched Incantation owemji I'm so cursed now."

Meanwhile, a third added: "Think this Incantation movie just cursed me."

And a fourth wrote: "Incantation scared the s**t out of me, I feel like I've been cursed after watching it."

And a fifth added: "So who else didn't finish watching incantation? I felt cursed."

People have been left spooked by the film.

The film originally hit cinemas in Taiwan in early 2022 and became the country's most successful horror film ever.

It's not been as popular with film critics, although horror movies are often susceptible to being poorly reviewed.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the flick currently has a score of 50 percent from a handful of journalists.

One critic wrote: "The horror familiarity and inconsistent logic choices work against a creative approach to the found footage format anchored by solid performances and a memorable conclusion."

While another said: "Incantation feels less like an attempt at exploring the possibilities of the [found footage] format and more like an attempt at getting away with terrible cinematography."

Either way, if it's going to leave us scared silly then it sounds like it's worth a watch, right?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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