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Netflix viewers urge people to ‘keep watching’ divisive crime series despite bad reviews

Netflix viewers urge people to ‘keep watching’ divisive crime series despite bad reviews

The show has divided viewers

Netflix viewers are being urged to ‘keep watching’ a divisive new crime series, despite the fact it hasn't got great reviews.

The show landed on Netflix late last month and has firmly divided viewers since, with some calling for a second season of the show and others saying they couldn’t make it past the first episode.

Obliterated has firmly divided opinions with viewers.

Obliterated centres on an elite special forces team who are sent out to shut down a deadly threat in Las Vegas. After successfully accomplishing their mission, the team celebrate Vegas-style, but their partying is called to an abrupt end when they discover the bomb they deactivated was fake and the threat is still very real.

Showrunner Hayden Schlossberg explained: “The entire city of Las Vegas will be obliterated unless our team can find and deactivate the nuclear device.

“There is only a short window of time to find the bomb, and as the clock ticks, our team must overcome deadly forces working against them… as well as overcome the massive amounts of alcohol and other substances that are in their system.”

Obliterated stars Shelley Hennig, Nick Zano, Terrence Terrel, Paola Lázaro, Kimi Rutledge, C. Thomas Howell and Eugene Kim.

Netflix has said ‘if 24 and The Hangover hooked up and had a baby, it’d be Obliterated’. So make of that what you will.

The show hasn’t exactly set the world alight - it currently holds a so-so 6.5 on IMDb and a bang-average 50 percent on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, although it does have a higher audience score of 79 percent.

However, fans have urged people not to give up on Obliterated too quickly and have folks just need to keep watching.

Fans have urged viewers to ‘keep watching’.

In a post on Facebook group Netflix Bangers, one person said: “Everyone just wants to be negative just to be negative I watched the entire season and I thought it was way solid very funny in spots and definitely waiting for season two.”

Another wrote: “It was good and very funny. You have to keep watching.”

A third commented: “Funny, wasn't going to watch anymore after episode 1; but I did.”

While a fourth said: “It’s really funny. Keep watching.”

Someone else added: “You have to finish the first episode to actually know what the show is about lol I thought it was boring at first too but it gets good and funny.”

If you fancy finding out for yourself all episodes of Obliterated are on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix