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New ‘mindf**k’ Netflix true crime doc about car crash starts with a dark warning

New ‘mindf**k’ Netflix true crime doc about car crash starts with a dark warning

Viewers have called it a 'mind**k'

Netflix's number one film in the UK right now is a chilling documentary which focuses on a deadly car crash in Hampshire.

The true crime doc has plucked the streaming service's number one spot ahead of popular crime comedy Hit Man and Jordan Peele’s Nope.

Originally broadcast by the BBC in 2018, the film follows the story of an unlikely group of friends in Hampshire.

Viewers have called it a 'mindf**k' (BBC/Netflix)
Viewers have called it a 'mindf**k' (BBC/Netflix)

After a horrifying car crash takes place in 2016, their lives changed forever, finding themselves at the centre of a police investigation.

The documentary consists of unseen police body cam footage of the crash site and all of the people close to the case.

Titled Car Crash: Who’s Lying?, you can take a look at a clip below:

The Chloe Campbell-led documentary takes a deep dive into why the car span out of control on a dark country road that evening.

In the end, there is a twisting tale that shows what really happened.

Taking to X, one viewer urged: "Watch Car Crash: Who’s Lying? on Netflix. Be warned, it's a bit raw."

"Just watched Car Crash: Who’s Lying? on @netflix. It’s a stark reminder of the trauma that bad decisions & dangerous driving can cause," a second added.

"It begins with an alarming stat from @Brakecharity 'Young people are three times more likely to die in a car crash than from guns, knives & alcohol'."

"That poor mother.... what a mindf**k, I think I'd have no choice but to blame both of them as well, if it were me. It's so tragic when a young vibrant life is cut short so senselessly," a third commented on Reddit.

While a fourth said that 'stuff like this is why I insisted on pulling over to offer an official statement regarding an accident I had just witnessed'.

Car Crash: Who’s Lying? is currently number one on UK Netflix (Netflix/BBC)
Car Crash: Who’s Lying? is currently number one on UK Netflix (Netflix/BBC)

"The person at fault was 100 percent at fault, couldn't be any clearer. They still lied to police, because of course they did." they recalled about their own experience.

"Thankfully it as a very minor accident, but I saved someone a very expensive bill or two they would have received otherwise."

At the time of it's release, critic James Jackson wrote in an article for The Times: "Particularly striking was the way it pitched you right there on the crash scene through the replaying of police bodycam footage.

"The confusion of one of the surviving lads, dazed with shock, felt almost close to intrusiveness — except it was clear that lies were being told about who was driving."

Car Crash: Who’s Lying? is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/BBC

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