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Netflix viewers warn people about ‘worst Christmas film’ despite super famous cast

Netflix viewers warn people about ‘worst Christmas film’ despite super famous cast

The film movie has left viewers less than impressed

The festive season is quickly approaching, and with it comes a wide selection of Christmas films to put on while snuggling up on the sofa with a hot drink.

There are many classic Christmas movies that are typical go-tos such as Elf, The Polar Express, Love Actually, The Grinch, the list goes on.

But what about ones that aren't so good, that aren't looked on as fondly as the rest of these much-loved festive films?

Well, there is a new Christmas rom-com on Netflix titled: Best. Christmas. Ever. - and it has been highlighted by viewers as a flick that you may want to stay clear of.

The 2023 film features a star-studded cast and sees mother-of-two Charlotte (played by Heather Graham, known for starring in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Sh*gged Me) showing up at her ex-best friend Jackie's (played by Brandy Norwood, known for starring in the sitcom Moesha) house to clarify if her boastful annual newsletters are really true.

Charlotte then spends her holiday season with Jackie and her family, including her husband Rob (played by Jason Biggs, known for his role in the American Pie franchise) and her kids Grant (Wyatt Hunt) and Dora (Abby Villasmil), discovering that her old friend's life is actually perfect.

Several big names star in this holiday rom-com.

Charlotte is jealous of Jackie's success, with her two children also being a child prodigy at Harvard and a humanitarian worker abroad, and her handsome husband (Matt Cedeño) to rub salt in the wounds.

She then decides to snoop around to see whether her life is real or not, and the movie comes to its climax when Charlotte accidentally breaks a doll house that Jackie has been working on, and the truth comes to the fore.

The movie features a celebrity cast, but it has not stopped it from receiving a lowly 38 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, and an even lower audience score of 19 percent.

The holiday flick only managed to score measly reviews from viewers.

Some of reviews from viewers are pretty brutal, with one saying: "The title of the movie feels ironic here, when it's probably closer to being one of the worst Christmas movies ever."

Another jokingly wrote: "It’s as artificial as an aluminum Christmas tree. 'Best. Christmas. Ever!' isn’t the worst movie ever… but it’s close."

A different review read: "At less than 80 minutes, it’s barely even a movie, more one long montage of bits that never run on long enough to be defined as scenes."

However, one praised the movie, writing: "#BestChristmasEver is the greatest Christmas movie of all time. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be confused at the plot changing every 10 seconds. And you will hate the main character whatever her name is. 10/10 loved every second."

If you fancy seeing what you think, Best. Christmas. Ever. is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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