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Netflix fans praise BBC crime drama with 100% Rotten Tomatoes score and an 'ending like no other'

Netflix fans praise BBC crime drama with 100% Rotten Tomatoes score and an 'ending like no other'

The series has been acclaimed by critics and fans alike

If you're like me and you feel like you've run out of edge-of-your-seat series' to watch, don't worry, there's one that you may have missed.

This BBC crime-drama will have your full attention from start to end, and even boasts a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The BBC series boasts a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The four-part series first aired on BBC One in 2021, and was made available internationally on streaming platform Netflix in 2022 for the whole world to enjoy.

Despite it only being four hours long, its storytelling has been praised by viewers, thanks in part to director Sarmad Masud, who adapted the story from the 2017 novel of the same name.

It stars Samuel Adewunmi, Australian actress Sophie Wilde, Roger Nsengiyumva, and 2021 BAFTA rising star winner, Bukky Bakray.

Camden-born Adewunmi was nominated for a BAFTA and a MOBO Award for his performance in this series as the lead character, further highlighting the quality of the series.

It's called You Don't Know Me, and you can watch the trailer here:

The series follows Hero (Adewunmi) as he is accused of murder and chooses to tell his side of the story in court on his own after sacking his barrister.

It seems as though the evidence is stacked against him, but he begins to tell his extraordinary and shocking story about the woman he loves (Wilde), and how she got herself into trouble.

In a story of love, risk, crime and drama, Hero promises his innocence but it's ultimately up to viewers if they believe him or not.

A perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes backs up all of the hype generated by fans, and makes the gripping limited series worth watching.

Unfortunately, like many other British series, it doesn't look like there will be a second season or part to the story.

No news of one has been announced in the years since, but perhaps it wouldn't make sense with the way the story is structured, despite fans' desires for more.

The gripping storyline had fans hooked.

Viewers of the show have raved about it since its release, with many urging others to watch it on X, formerly Twitter.

One user commented: "'You Don't Know Me' on #Netflix is a very interesting series. It explains a lot in reality.

"People do stupid, inexplicable things when they're in love."

Another put: "You definitely can’t predict the end."

A third said: "I'm really liking this 'You Don't Know Me' series, BBC doing better series than Netflix"

A different user posted: "Just binged ‘You don’t know me’ on Netflix, best series I’ve seen in a while".

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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