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Sofia Vergara slips up claiming 'she learnt how to do cocaine' for latest drug lord role

Sofia Vergara slips up claiming 'she learnt how to do cocaine' for latest drug lord role

The star had the audience in hysterics

Sofía Vergara had an audience in hysterics after she revealed some new skills she learnt while filming her new Netflix series Griselda.

The Modern Family is set to play the infamous Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most profitable drug cartels in history, in the brand new six-part mini-series. You can check out what she learnt here:

The Netflix show sees the character fleeing from Medellín to Miami with her three young sons and a kilo of cocaine before becoming the ruthless boss of a drug empire.

The six-parter is created by Narcos’ showrunner Eric Newman, who has previously said: “From the earliest days of my research for what became Narcos, [Griselda] leapt out at me as a fascinating character."

Heaping praise on Vergara, he said: “She was perfect for the role not only because she, like Griselda, is a single mother who came to America from Colombia with nothing and built an empire, but because it was unexpected of her to do.

Sofía Vergara picked up some interesting new skills for her role in Griselda.

"Sofía has been thought of one way, a beautiful and brilliant comedic actress, and she is so much more than that.”

As well as starring in the series, Vergara is also an executive producer - and when it comes to nailing the part of Griselda was happy to pick up some new skills.

During an appearance on the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (16 January), she praised director Andrés Baiz for helping teach her how to play the part of the notorious drug trafficker dubbed the ‘Godmother of Cocaine’.

She explained: “I didn’t know anything. He taught me how to smoke. He taught me how to do cocaine. He taught me a lot.”

At this point Fallon cut in for a bit of clarifications, saying: “Alright, hold on, hold on.”

The star had the audience in hysterics when she shared that she was ‘taught how to do cocaine’.

But Vergara was happy to plough on, adding: “It was amazing because I was 51 years old and I didn’t even know how to, you know, how to light a cigarette.

“I’ve never done cocaine. So it’s like, it was amazing. It was like, a great experience.”

As the audience howled with laughter, the penny dropped for Vergara and she quickly shouted out: “No! No!” while laughing herself.

She went on: “The cocaine that I did was fake. But I had to pretend. The cigarettes are also fake. Everything was, it’s fake. But the acting was real.”

Glad you cleared that up for us all.

Griselda will land on Netflix on 25 January.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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