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Incredible new Netflix series with ‘10/10 acting' described as Top Boy meets Misfits

Incredible new Netflix series with ‘10/10 acting' described as Top Boy meets Misfits

Fans are already clamouring for a season two

Certain comparisons of shows will always make you sit up and notice.

Any show that’s described as Game of Thrones meets something else - and you’ve immediately got me hooked.

In the same vein, if you tell me a show is Top Boy meets Misfits – I am going to sit up and pay attention.

That’s the exact connection some fans are making for a new Netflix show which dropped yesterday, and already has fans begging for a second season.

Check out the trailer here:

The show in question is Supacell, and it’s the newest creation from Rapman – the director behind Blue Story.

Supacell sees a group of normal people in south London randomly develop superpowers.

The show mixes multiple plots, seeing some of the characters using their superpowers to sell drugs, one use it to make money for their child, and one use it to try and save the woman he loves.

Tosin Cole stars in Supacell. (Netflix)
Tosin Cole stars in Supacell. (Netflix)

Supacell has released to near unanimous positive reviews from critics, and fans are eating it up too.

Leila Latif’s review for The Guardian said: “Rapman’s sprawling sci-fi drama is strikingly performed, bracingly plotted and its characters are up there with prestige TV’s finest.

“Even without seeing the final episode, it’s clear that this is a world crying out for more exploration.

The show features an outstanding ensemble cast. (Netflix)
The show features an outstanding ensemble cast. (Netflix)

“This is not your typical superhero origin story, where preserving truth, justice and the American way is the primary concern.

“Instead, the characters are operating in a society where the odds are stacked against them, and they are all struggling to make ends meet and avoid violence.”

Fans had similarly high praise for the show, with one posting in the Facebook group Netflix bangers to say: “This series just came out today and I must say I loved it the whole way through.

Supacell is out now. (Netflix)
Supacell is out now. (Netflix)

“I give it a 9/10 my only complaint is that it was only 6 eps. I'm hoping for a season 2 its well deserved.”

One comment under that said: “I like it, the acting is 10/10. You can always tell natural talent or talent that has been molded.”

A fan posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) to say: “I need that Supacell season 2 with speed and efficiency”.

Another posted to say: “I really loved how intentional Supacell was!! firstly in its ability to combine science-fiction, history, and fantasy to explore the Black British experience.

“Secondly, in it just being in ends and lastly because of the themes on sickle cell and the indifference to Black people going missing by everyone but us.”

Based off the reviews for season one of the show, Rapman better get back to work on a season two.

Supacell is on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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