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There's a bizarre new game where you play as a squirrel with a gun

There's a bizarre new game where you play as a squirrel with a gun

Footage of the new game has gone viral on social media

A game called Squirrel with a Gun, that allows you to play as… erm, a squirrel with a gun, has gone viral after clips have been shared online. You can see a clip of the footage here: 

In a similar, but slightly more bizarre, vein to the incredibly popular game Stray, where gamers get to play as an adorable ginger cat complete with backpack, Squirrel with a Gun allows you to play as the furry main character and get up to all kinds of mischief, while also dodging the bad guys.

The indie game is being created by Dan DeEntremont, who has shared gameplay footage online, and revealed there’s a wish list for the game as it’s yet to be released. 

Footage shows the cute little squirrel wielding a human-sized gun and mugging a human, while another shows the adorable character firing a mini-uzi so its recoil can send him flying across a large distance. Cute and clever, eh? What a guy. 

Steam/Dan DeEntremont

A synopsis for the game on its Steam page reads: “It is not easy, but it's fun, to be a squirrel with a gun.

“Squirrel with a gun is a sandbox game that focuses on exploration and shooting combat.

“Defend yourself from random encounters with Agents, using various weapons. Deflect their melee attacks with exceptional timing to disarm them.

“Climb and jump across platforms with your natural squirrel skill. Use weapon recoil to cross even greater gaps. Explore the neighbourhood from a squirrel's eye view.

“Talk with residents of the neighbourhood and help them out for goodies. Or mug them for goodies.”

Steam/Dan DeEntremont

On Twitter, clips of the game have attracted plenty of attention, with one person commenting: “I'm calling it now, Squirrel with a Gun will end up being game of the year.”

Another wrote: “Damn. I was prepared to buy a copy immediately. But the wish list will have to do.”

Someone else added: “You lame as hell if you don’t wanna play a game as a squirrel with a gun.” 

While a fourth commented: “I am waiting for this to come out! I definitely will stream this the first week.”

As yet, the game does not have a release date, but with fans already clamouring to give it a go, here's hoping there’s not too long a wait until we can play. Until then you can wish list the game on Steam.

Featured Image Credit: Daniel DeEntremont

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