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Nicolas Cage Had The Best Reaction After Learning What 'Caging' Is

Nicolas Cage Had The Best Reaction After Learning What 'Caging' Is

The A-list actor was joined alongside his co-stars to discuss his latest role in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Nicolas Cage is the gift that keeps on giving, especially after learning what ‘caging’ is. 

The A-list actor was joined alongside his co-stars for an interview with Variety to discuss their latest film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

The conversation took a turn after actress Lily Mo Sheen recalled her experience with ‘caging’ as a teenager. 

She explained: “When I was in middle school, I used to do a thing called ‘caging’, which is where you take pictures [of Nicolas Cage] and put them on people’s lockers.” 

“People hated it, but I loved it,” she added. “People found it so strange, they were like who did this?” 


Unwilling to let the topic of conversation go, someone asked: “I wonder if you would ever cage Cage.” 

“It would be a dream,” Lily said. “An honour.” 

It was clear that Nic felt out of the loop, as he was asked whether he knew about ‘caging’, to which he replied with an affirmative ‘no’. 

“You do understand this is enormously surreal for me,” he continued. “This is why I dress like this. I’m ready, I’m strong, I can do this.” 


“Is this really a thing?” he asks, clearly lost. 

“It happened at my school too,” the interviewer replied. 

“Is this a trip, or is this real,” Nic joked. “There’s a thing called caging?” 

“There is a thing called caging,” the interview confirmed. “Where people put photos of you in places.” 

After some back and forth, Nic seemed to get the hang of it. 

“Okay, okay,” he said. “Well, this is new. This is new for me. And it’s happening on television on a couch in a room with my colleagues and friends.” 

“And how is it making you feel,” the interviewer asked. 

“Well, I’m gonna have to look into it, it’s trippy. Trippy. Fun, but trippy,” Nic replied. 

Much to his shock, Nic was then alerted to caging happening all around the city of Austin, US. 

The interviewer explained: “Somebody has been putting up posters of your face all over town saying 'Have you seen Nic Cage? I need to tell him I’m his biggest fan'.” 

“Oh, I did speak to him,” Nic replied. “I actually spoke to him online not that long ago. 

“He was asking if I would answer a question and then I did answer the question, and he was very nice. 

“He was interested in movies. And I said, ‘Look I’ll talk with anyone about movies because I love them so much.’

“But he was nice, he was cool. He wasn’t a freak he was very civilised and cool.” 

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Variety

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