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YouTuber successfully crashed KSI's first boxing match in years while disguised as a giant bottle

YouTuber successfully crashed KSI's first boxing match in years while disguised as a giant bottle

Niko Omilana managed to make it into the ring after years of trying

YouTuber Niko Omilana managed to pull off one of his greatest 'ringside' stunts yet as he successfully crashed KSI's return to boxing last month.

Fans of Omilana, or even just fans of boxing, may be familiar with the YouTuber through his 'Ringside' persona – one that saw him repeatedly attempt to infiltrate boxing rings, and repeatedly fail.

He gave up on his efforts to pursue other stunts and passions over the last few years, including pranking the leader of the Ku Klux Klan and running for the mayor of London in 2021, but now he's announced Ringside's comeback with one of his most epic attempts to date.

In a video titled 'SNEAKING Into KSI's Boxing Match (In the ring)', Omilana detailed how he decided to use KSI's fights against Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda on 27 August as the setting for his comeback, and the series of cons he had to pull off in order to get himself in the ring.

Omilana's success came in large part thanks to fellow YouTuber Kysha, who Omilana roped in to draw any attention away from himself. Kysha posted a video claiming to have created the seven-foot-tall mascot designed to look like KSI and Logan Paul's drink brand Prime, and it quickly caught the attention of KSI's manager, Mams Taylor.

Taylor encouraged Kysha to DM him about the creation, and KSI himself was eventually made aware of the video, in which Kysha said it was his 'dream' to walk out alongside KSI for the fight.

Responding to the video, KSI said: "We're going to make it happen."

Fast-forward to 27 August, when KSI stepped out in front of a cheering crowd with the huge Prime bottle striding behind him. The earlier arrangements led the boxer to believe it was Kysha in the costume, but little did he know it was actually Omilana acting as the giant bottle.

Omilana even risked showing his face while in the ring.
Niko Omilana/YouTube

With the help of the disguise, Omilana successfully made it into the ring, and at one point even risked showing his face as he cheered for KSI from behind the boxer's back.

It wasn't until after KSI went up against Swarmz that Omilana revealed his true identity, showing his face to KSI and telling the boxer he had 'really smashed' the fight.

Surprising anyone who fights professionally is definitely a risk, but KSI thankfully appeared to take it well as he burst out laughing in disbelief and gave Omilana a hug. It was a long road, but I think it was all worth it in the end.

Featured Image Credit: Niko Omilana/YouTube

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