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KSI’s opponent accused of continually complaining about 'illegal shots'

KSI’s opponent accused of continually complaining about 'illegal shots'

He knocked down Pineda twice in the opening round and the Mexican appeared to be complaining about what he felt were illegal shots

YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI maintained his undefeated record in the ring last night, knocking out two opponents in one night.

KSI - or Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, as he's less well known - took the unprecedented step of fighting two opponents, starting with rapper Swarmz, who he comfortably dispatched in the second round.

He then moved on to Mexican Luis Alcaraz Pineda, who he knocked down several times before claiming the win in the third round.

Pineda was a little-known but apparently pro opponent, who had lost his four previous bouts, according to The Sun. And watching on, it was easy to see why.

The fighter was continually knocked down in each round, and many viewers thought he spent a lot of the encounter complaining that KSI was throwing illegal punches:

Clearly, it was a walk in the park for KSI, as he was seen casually doing a few press-ups after knocking down his opponent.

The unconventional mid-fight workout exercises drew a lot of attention on social media - some were critical of KSI's 'disrespect', others thought it was hilarious.

"Must have been training hard he's got the endless stamina," wrote one, while another said: "Bro that s**t is funny how he doing push ups during a knock out. Respect for KSI."

A third wrote: "KSI doing push ups whilst fighting Pineda," alongside a laughing face emoji.

The 29-year-old, who previously faced fellow YouTuber Logan Paul, said to the crowd post-victory: "Ladies and gentlemen, are you not entertained? Two fights, one night, two KO’s. I talked the talk and I walked the walk."

He also took the opportunity to call out a number of potential opponents, including vlogger Slim, Andrew Tate and Tommy Fury, among others.

"Slim [Albaher] looks good, I want a piece of that," he said. "Austin [McBroom] vs AnEson Gib, I want the winner of that.

"Andrew Tate, I want a piece of that. Tommy Fury, I want a piece of that. I'm warmed up and I'm excited. Nothing can harm me."

Featured Image Credit: DAZN

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