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Noel Gallagher performs impromptu gig at baggage claim but passengers don’t look impressed

Noel Gallagher performs impromptu gig at baggage claim but passengers don’t look impressed

Noel Gallagher got out his guitar at a US baggage claim, but those who were present didn't seem all that bothered to see the Oasis star

Passengers flying into an airport in Florida got treated to a performance by some musical royalty when Noel Gallagher performed an impromptu set at the baggage claim area.

The only problem was, some people didn’t seem to be that impressed by it, perhaps not realising that they were watching an intimate performance by the former Oasis member.

As the rest of the musical world - or nearly all of them, it seems - descends on Glastonbury this weekend, Noel was off the other way, landing into Palm Beach in Florida.

The 56-year-old has been there and done that, headlining with Oasis as well as playing with High Flying Birds.

He’s playing at the Credit Union Amphitheatre in Tampa, so that’s why he was off to the other side of the pond.

Noel Gallagher got out his guitar for a performance at Palm Beach airport.

The rocker must have been sitting around for a while, because he decided to get out his guitar and have a strum right there and then.

Well, you’ve got to pass the time somehow, haven’t you?

We don’t know exactly what he played - we’d imagine no 'Wonderwall' or 'She’s Electric' - but he was reportedly there for quite a bit.

Interestingly enough, those who were passing by didn’t seem to be that bothered by the star sitting strumming in their midst.

For the most part, Noel was pictured sitting completely alone, or with people sitting around looking vaguely annoyed at having to wait, or perhaps annoyed that some bloke was just sitting playing his guitar mere feet from them.

Anyway, we’ll have to presume that they weren’t going to the gig in Tampa.

Noel saw the funny side of things, though.

He shared a picture of himself sitting at the airport with the caption: “Headlining Carousel 2, Palm Beach International Airport, Florida.”

Fans were quick to join in on the joke, with one writing: “Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”

Not everyone in the airport seemed overjoyed at the Oasis man's appearance.

Another wrote: “Imagine waiting for your plane and the dude sitting across from you starts playing his guitars… you later find out it’s the great Noel Gallagher.”

A third person wrote: “I wonder how many passengers realized they were in the presence of a legend.”

Here in the UK, all eyes are now on Glasto, with the Arctic Monkeys set to headline the Pyramid Stage tonight.

That’s after Alex Turner overcame a bout of laryngitis to perform, having cancelled some shows in the interim.

Hopefully his voice will hold out for this evening’s big show.

Saturday night sees Guns N Roses take to the famous Worthy Farm stage, with the Legends’ slot taken by Sir Elton John on Sunday as he brings the curtain down on this year’s festivities.

It’s a long way from a baggage carousel in Palm Beach.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @samantha_whates

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