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Woman shows why you could never win at claw machine which was obsession of people's childhood

Woman shows why you could never win at claw machine which was obsession of people's childhood

The video reveals a shocking truth about the beloved arcade machine

Arcade games were once a solid form of entertainment for 90s kids, going down to the local arcade with friends to try and win tickets for prizes was always a weekend treat.

Obviously with Gen Z, focus has shifted more to console-based gaming methods, which don't even require anyone to leave their homes.

The novelty of arcades is missed though, as shown by the recent spike of arcade-based bars and people buying old machines for their homes.

Their popularity of late has even got some Gen Z members playing games from before their time and finding it just as fun as the previous generation did.

A young Australian woman has recently shared her findings upon buying her own claw machine for her bar at home.

The woman, named Katie Clark, bought her own claw machine.

TikToker Katie Clark from Melbourne was shocked when she received her machine and a manual to go with it.

It detailed how to set the machine up, as well as the different ways you can set the machine up in.

The video has amassed over 75,000 views on the social media site, as she revealed the machine's dark secret, all but surely breaking the hearts of die-hard arcade players.

“I just discovered something that - I guess confirms a lot of people's thoughts on these elusive machines...” she began to say.

Katie found that you can manipulate the machine to make it harder to win.

“You can change the rate of success,” she explained in the video.

It shows that the machine can be set to alter the win rate, depending on which setting you put it on.

If set, you can make it almost impossible to win a prize, which raises the question if arcades back in the day may have done the same thing.

The machine would basically have to be played a certain (usually very high) number of times before getting a prize.

“When I’m playing I’mma put this baby on one-on-one, but when my nephews and my family come over – they better watch out,” Katie joked at the end of the video.

A lot of people believed that it was rigged, but for it to be printed in black and white confirms our childhood suspicions.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Photo/@clarkatie/TikTok

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