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How Much Money Did Olivia Frazer Earn After Launching Her OnlyFans Account?

How Much Money Did Olivia Frazer Earn After Launching Her OnlyFans Account?

The Married At First Sight star's income from the OnlyFans launch is impressive.

Olivia Fraser became a household name in Australia during her stint on Australia’s Married at First Sight.

She quickly became the season's antagonist when she tried to rile up fellow bride Domenica Calarco and her OnlyFans history.

Annoyed by Calarco’s tendency to speak over others and involve herself in other couples' weekly commitment ceremonies, Frazer made her dislike for the makeup artist extremely clear.

Olivia decided to snap back by Googling her rival bride and shared a lewd image of Calarco with the show’s cast, which was available online due to her time on OnlyFans.

She copped a whole lot of flak for the move and was accused of slut shaming and even revenge porn.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Olivia has now launched her own OnlyFans account.

The move has us all wondering: just how lucrative of a side-hustle can OnlyFans be?

How Much Money Did Olivia Frazer Earn After Launching Her OnlyFans Account? 

In the first 12 hours on the platform, Olivia’s earnings were reported to be approximately $10,000 (£8200), according to the Daily Mail

Sharing a story on her Instagram, Frazer revealed she’s in the top 0.02% of creators on OnlyFans.

On June 2, during an Instagram Q&A, Olivia bragged about sporting 2,900 subscribers, who have to fork out $14.99 per month each for her content.

Doing the basic maths, that means she earned over $43,000 during her first month of trying out her new gig in the adult content industry. 

In an interview with the So Dramatic! podcast, while refusing to answer questions related directly to numbers, Olivia brought up past MAFS villain Jessika Powers from season 6, saying: “I won’t say a figure, but I’ll just say that I’ve already made more than Jess Power’s best month.”

When prompted to speculate on Powers’ 'best month', Frazer believed it was around $200,000.

Despite her overwhelming success, Frazer was labelled a hypocrite for joining the platform after slutshaming co-star Domenica throughout their run together in season 9.

Calarco told WHO: “It’s very hypocritical and now Olivia’s obviously backpedalling.”

Prominent adult creator, Lucy Banks, additionally criticised Frazer’s move, stating she 'doesn't deserve' to join an industry she so publicly 'trashed'.

Followers of the feud have unfortunately decided to defend Calarco by leaking Frazer’s own nude photos.

Domenica made it clear she didn’t condone this kind of 'payback', highlighting the fact that 'image-based abuse is huge in this country'.

Whatever their history, Frazer’s decision to give up her day job seems to have been a fruitful one, and is now earning as much in a month as she once did in a year.

Currently travelling around the UK as shared in her Instagram stories, Frazer seems unaffected by the media storm which has surrounded her and her reality show counterparts over the past year.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 9

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