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Only One Movie In IMDb's Top Five Films Of All Time Is From This Century

Only One Movie In IMDb's Top Five Films Of All Time Is From This Century

They don't make them as they used to and we have the receipts to prove it.

While there's plenty of movies to choose from nowadays, according to IMDb's top five films, the quality is severely lacking.

It's not that good films aren't being made, it's that they feel like re-hashes of the classics. Whether it's a re-vamp, sequel, or 'live-action' version, none of them quite hit like the original.

Meanwhile, there's literally hundreds of last-century corkers to choose from, so it's no wonder IMDb's rankings are a little biased.

Still, there's one film that's held firm among some 20th century heavyweights.

So, what is the singular film performing the superhero task of proving there are some good films this side of 2000? None other than The Dark Knight.

And, to be fair, we have to agree, because Christopher Nolan's film isn't only a bonafide classic, it's also Heath Ledger's most iconic performance, with the actor being recognised posthumously with an Oscar for his incredible part in the film.

So, what heavy hitters sit alongside this belter? Well, the others listed include: The Shawshank RedemptionThe GodfatherThe Godfather Part II and 12 Angry Men.

Now, we'd argue there are some recent contenders that could easily join the The Dark Knight and, ultimately, strengthen the argument for decent films made this century.

One of those includes the newest iteration of Batman's story, cleverly named The Batman.

Okay, we know we slated remakes earlier but this one's pretty decent, as critics and fans seem to agree it's a corker.

As Erik Davis affirms: "I've seen #TheBatman and it is a ferocious detective drama punctuated by moments of incredibly visceral action. Matt Reeves' direction is dark, deep, intense & flooded w/ instantly iconic imagery. A live-action BATMAN movie unlike any we've seen. Brilliant & badass. BIG recommend."

If that's not enough to convince you to watch the remake and bump up its IMDb score, maybe Robert Pattinson will be.

Pattinson takes over from Christian Bale's Batman and said the whole process was pretty intense: "I have to really, really feel like I’ve hit rock bottom [to play the character].'

"Where right up until the moment I have to perform it’s, ‘Wow, I’m the most empty piece of s***.'"

Now, if that doesn't sound like a pretty killer watch, we don't know what does.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures/Columbia Pictures

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