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Penn Badgley Spotted Filming You Season 4 At UK University

Penn Badgley Spotted Filming You Season 4 At UK University

Penn Badgley was spotted filming at a UK university and people on TikTok are loving it.

Penn Badgley is filming the latest season of You at a UK university, and people are losing it.

In news no one expected to hear this morning: the Netflix star is filming You at a UK university.

You is one of Netflix's most popular shows, and follows everyone's favourite stalker/serial killer Joe Goldberg as he obsesses over a host of different women, winds up dating them, and... well, given that we've just described him as a serial killer, you can imagine things don't go well.

Now, he's coming to a university near you!

As Badgley popped up at a UK university, students took to TikTok to share the news.

One user captioned their video: "Arrived to campus today and they were filming "You" season 4."

Penn Badgley in professor get-up.

The video features Goldberg in what looks like a full-on professor get up – you know what we mean, a beige blazer, waistcoat, and trousers that absolutely don't match but kind of work, or, as one user articulately put it, "he's a professor omg".

A camera crew follows the suitably-dressed actor as he wanders through campus, even doing a little turn as he heads down a walkway.

So, which campus is Badgley walking through, I hear you ask? None other than Royal Holloway.

Yep, the campus uni that's considered part of the University of London but resides nowhere near the city.

Still, they do have Badgley, while most unis in the capital don't even have parking.

Naturally, people were 'freaking out' at the clip – not a Joe Goldberg level freak-out, but a freak-out nonetheless.

The actor twirled as he walked across campus.

One user said: "I want another 100 seasons of it tbh" while another said, "This is the third TikTok I have seen about this in 10 minutes lmao."

However, some weren't thrilled with Badgley's UK tour, with one user adding: "I thought my man was supposed to be in Paris, Joe please don’t become a teacher in England for the love of god."

To be fair, we wouldn't want to be a teacher in the UK either, but that's more to do with the pay, rather than supposed plans to be in Paris.

While a release date for the latest season is yet to be announced, many are expecting it to drop around October this year – just in time for spooky season.

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Featured Image Credit: @kenzflani/TikTok

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