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People Are Calling For Alex From Glasto To Make Return After AJ Tracey Sings Thiago Silva

People Are Calling For Alex From Glasto To Make Return After AJ Tracey Sings Thiago Silva

Fans were hoping for round two from our bucket hat-wearing hero

With Glastonbury 2022 in full swing, people are calling on 'Alex from Glasto' to make a return after AJ Tracey performed Thiago Silva with no one there to do Dave's part.

Just in case you'd forgotten, 'Alex from Glasto' – real name Alex Mann – was the young lad who took to the stage with Dave in 2019 where he absolutely nailed a rendition of the track.

The internet took no time at all in making the then 15-year-old go viral thanks to his unreal rapping skills - and the fact that he was donning a bucket hat, FILA bag and Paris Saint-Germain shirt.

Absolute king behaviour.

Both Dave and AJ Tracey are the British rappers behind the hit Thiago Silva, with the former appearing at Glastonbury 2019.

The other half of the duo performed on the Pyramid Stage at this year's event where he also sang the infamous track.

So when people noticed Dave wasn't there to rap alongside him, it didn't take long for them to bring up our bucket hat-wearing hero.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "AJ Tracey has just performed Thiago Silva with no one doing the Dave part. If only there was someone who knew the words..."

Another said: "Thiago Silva featuring Alex doing Daves bit? Please? #Glastonbury."

A third added: "When AJ Tracey said he’s bringing on a special guest I was buzzing for 'Alex from Glasto'.

But alas, it appears it wasn't meant to be - there's always next time, eh?

It's going to be tough to top 'Alex from Glasto', whose rise to online fame quickly became one of the most talked about moments of the weekend in 2019.

Speaking to Talk Chelsea back in 2020 about his experience on stage, he said: "To be honest I just thought that I couldn’t embarrass myself so tried as hard as I could to smash it.

"It was crazy when I was up there though I couldn’t think of any experience like it.”

The teenager from Wells even used the hundreds of thousands of new social media followers to his advantage by writing a grime track of his own named What You Kno' 'Bout That Bro.

Since then we haven't heard much from him, with the rapper telling Talk Chelsea that he was stepping away from the limelight for a while.

"I took a big break from everything after it blew up just to focus on myself instead of all the media attention," he said.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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