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People Impressed By Gordon Ramsay Cutting An Onion 'Perfectly'

People Impressed By Gordon Ramsay Cutting An Onion 'Perfectly'

Ramsay was showing contestants on the US version of MasterChef how to chop an onion up

Social media users are impressed by footage of Gordon Ramsay cutting an onion ‘perfectly’, having raced through the bulb within seconds. 

Ramsay was showing contestants on the US version of MasterChef how to chop an onion up, telling them: “In my first month in Paris, at the age of 22, I got my butt kicked for 15 hours a day, six days a week, chopping onions. 

“Why? Because I needed to understand how to really, seriously master it. A humble onion.” 

In the clip, which was posted on TikTok with the caption ‘Ramsay cuts an onion PERFECTLY’, Ramsay then demonstrated his technique. 

He continued: “The root clearly holds the onion together – take that off. Let the knife do the work. 


“Transparent, nice and thin. 

“When it gets too high, turn it down and make your life easier. All the way to the end.” 

After the quick lesson, a contestant called Tamar said to the camera: “I was thinking, ‘Okay, I’m going to need to see that about 10 more times’.” 


And it wasn’t just MasterChef contestants who were impressed, as many others watching the clip on TikTok shared their praise. 

One wrote: “He makes it look so easy bruv.” 

Someone else said: “He is the perfect chef.” 

Another referred to him as ‘The Master’, while a fourth added: “Ramsay is the best hands down.” 

That said, not everyone was quite so won over, with one writing: “He’s just cutting an onion relax guys.” 

Another said sarcastically: “Whattttttttt, a michelin star chef cuts an onion perfectly, omg no way for real.” 

One also argued that ‘90% of that is using a proper knife’, while someone even questioned his technique. 

“Wait wait wait…. He’s said to keep the root on before hasn’t he??” they wrote. 

“I’m getting mixed messages. Cutting the root releases the tearful gasses.” 

Indeed, Ramsay has previously advised cooks to leave the root on, saying in one of his older programmes that it is a important step if you want to avoid tears. 

“That’s absolutely crucial – leave that on there,” he said. 

“Cut that off, the onion will start to bleed, and you’ll start crying rapidly.” 

However, in that video, he’s finely chopping the onion, rather than thinly slicing as he did on MasterChef, so it slightly depends on the finished result you’re after – and if you’re trying to impress a crowd with some sheer speed, or simply hoping to stop the waterworks. 

Featured Image Credit: Fox

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