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People Think Netflix's Number 1 Movie Should Have Been A Black Mirror Episode Instead

People Think Netflix's Number 1 Movie Should Have Been A Black Mirror Episode Instead

People couldn't help but wonder what Charlie Brooker's dystopian drama would've done with the plot

Since dropping last week, the new Chis Hemsworth-led film Spiderhead has gone down well with the viewers and is currently sitting at the top spot of Netflix's most-watched list - but some fans think the sci-fi thriller should've been a Black Mirror episode instead.

The film takes place in a futuristic, state-of-the-art prison in which inmates are able to have their sentences reduced in exchange for participating in a drug trial.

Based on a dystopian short story that featured in The New Yorker, the plot examines the ironic narrative of the limitations of free will.

As well as having the Thor star front and centre as the villainous mad scientist who pulls the strings at the facility, Spiderhead features Top Gun: Maverick actor Miles Teller.

Speaking of which, behind the camera is the director of the Top Gun sequel, Joseph Kosinski, while the script was penned by the writers of both Deadpool films.

In short, it's not all that surprising that the movie has piqued the interest of Netflix fans worldwide.

Spiderhead is currently Netflix's most-viewed movie.

But while viewing figures are at an all-time high, a number of those who watched the flick think it would've worked better as an episode of Charlie Brooker's dystopian TV show.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Just finished Spiderhead and got to say I found the first half boring even though it was interesting concept... great director and actors but I’d skip it, probably a 5/10 for me.

"Really think this would have worked better as a short 40min Black Mirror episode or something."

Another said: "Spiderhead on Netflix could definitely be a Black Mirror episode," while a third added, "Spiderhead should've been an episode of Black Mirror."

Some viewers said the film should've been a Black Mirror episode.
Channel 4

"Not perfect, def could do even more with this idea," commented a fourth. "Prob a Black Mirror episode would do it better, but still I enjoyed it."

Although some drew the comparison in a negative light, others suggested the similarity worked in the film's favour, including this person who said: "Spiderhead on #Netflix is exactly like the Black Mirror episodes we've been missing."

Another wrote: "Joseph Kosinski's Spiderhead shines like 80s Miami Vice, humor's deliciously dark (kudos to Hemsworth), it's all strangely bizarre yet likeable and the overall feel carries this unnerving wacky vibe similar to Black Mirror... I LOVED IT!!"

Besides all of this Black Mirror chat, it appears the dystopian thriller has pleased a lot of Netflix fans, so much so that some are calling on the streamer for a sequel.

Currently there are no plans for a follow-up (yet), but if the film continues to do well then it could very much be on the cards. Time will tell, folks.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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