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Singer Phoebe Bridgers gets Melbourne crowd to chant ‘f**k Margaret Court’

Singer Phoebe Bridgers gets Melbourne crowd to chant ‘f**k Margaret Court’

The singer did not hold back during her Melbourne concert last night.

Phoebe Bridgers has encouraged the crowd in Melbourne during her gig to denounce Margaret Court over her homophobic views.

The singer, who identifies as bisexual and is a fierce advocate of LGBTQI+ rights, didn’t hold back her thoughts over the tennis legend during her concert last night (February 8).

While onstage at the arena named after Court, Bridgers said: “So, Margaret Court. F**k that stupid, dumb*** b**ch. F**k that stupid c**t. Change your name!”

She added: “You know what I mean? It’s like hate is like what moves things throughout history.

"I hate that stupid b**ch! Hate is like how you protect yourself. What, are you never supposed to be angry, ever?”

ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

She then encouraged the crowd to change 'f**k Margaret Court' as loudly as they could.

Over the years, Court has expressed her views on same-sex marriage and even supported the notion of conversion therapy.

In 2017, just before gay marriage was legalised in Australia, the 80-year-old fought against it, citing that homosexuality was a ‘lust for the flesh’ and LBGT tendencies were the work of the devil, as per the Sydney Morning Herald.

"That's what Hitler did. That's what communism did," Court said.

She added: “There's a whole plot in our nation and in the nations of the world to get in the minds of the children."

Ah, man, her poor PR team.

However, a couple of years later, Court tried to change her tune when asked about her stance on same-sex marriage.

While speaking to 7NEWS, she said that she ‘loved homosexuals.’

Samson Opus / Alamy Stock Photo

She added: "I love them, I have them in the church here.”

Bridges' call for Melbourne to change the name of the Margaret Court Arena echoes the campaign that has been going on for years.

When Ash Barty won the Australian Open final last year, many thought it was time for the arena to have a little makeover.

Shortly after Court made those infamous remarks in 2017, Google Maps briefly renamed the venue to Evonne Goolagong, the former number one women’s tennis player.

While it’s not known who was the brains behind this brilliant prank, Google quickly rectified the issue.

According to Triple M, the company said they use ‘a wide range of sources, including third-party providers, public sources, and user contributions’ to label their maps; and these can often lead to inaccuracies.

"We recognise that there may be occasional inaccuracies that could arise from any of those sources," the spokesperson said.

I don’t know, Evonne Goolagong seems to have a pretty good ring to it.

Featured Image Credit: bridgethustwaite/TikTok. JOHNNY ARMSTEAD/Alamy Live News

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